RENOWNED for her ultra-feminine and futuristic design, MASHAMA explores the possibilities of 1990s grunge aesthetic in her AW19 collection at PFW. Defined by the fine details, from lace panelling to ruching, MASHAMA presents the ‘90s at its most refined.

Stepping away from her previously more minimalist designs, MASHAMA hones in on the splicing and waving of different fabrics and textures. Particularly influenced by animal print, leopard-print can be seen everywhere in the collection, in full-length dresses to the lapels on the collections outerwear. Checks also take the forefront of the collection, a homage to grunge style, while combining contrasting patterns in her invention of femininity in a futuristic space. Creating designs for the cosmopolitan, working woman, MASHAMA intertwines typically masculine pieces, such as trench-coats, blazers, and spliced collared-shirts, into the collection. Understated yet futuristic, the collection brings a new edge to MASHAMA’s exploration of the feminine.

Distinguished by its use of colour, MASHAMA utilises a broad colour palette, from vividly neon greens and yellows to monochromes and navy. Presenting the various facets of ‘90s style, the collection includes satin midi-dresses, bomber-silhouettes, and knee-length boots. The footwear was characteristically chic, varying in colour, shape, and print, yet maintaining the energy of the ‘90s.

Embellishment and fine details take centre stage for the collection, intertwining satin and lace details into pieces, as well as ruffled hems and fur lining. Incredibly refined and chic, the collection succeeds most in its blend of contemporary style with ‘90s trends. Paying homage to ‘90s style, while envisioning the future of fashion, MASHAMA is a reinvention of femininity at its most elegant.

by Emma Hart

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