Bally unveils their AW23 campaign from new Design Director, Simone Bellotti

BALLY’S new Design Director Simone Bellotti has made his debut with the brand’s recently released autumn-winter 2023 campaign shot by Alasdair McLellan.

The Swiss luxury brand which is recognised for its fine quality shoemaking and long-established associations with architecture, art and the environment appointed Bellotti as Design Director after Rhuigi Villaseñor’s departure from the brand. 

The campaign was shot at the home of the Bally Foundation for art and culture in Switzerland on Lugano’s Lake. The grounds of the Villa Heleneum display a neoclassical exterior, making for the perfect backdrop to capture the simply natural and intimate essence of the campaign. 

Encapsulated through the unique vision of Bellotti, the autumn-winter 2023 campaign underlines themes of nature and craftsmanship — values which build the foundation of Bally’s heritage. The location and creative direction of the shoot are crucial elements used to portray the fashion house as modern artisans and communicate their efforts in combining archival integrity with innovation. 

A collection of portraits which exude an essence of intimacy, recalling the nature of innocence and the purity that accompanies youth fabricates the campaign. The collection demonstrates a pairing of archival heritage detailing with classic lines and designs while warmth and nostalgia radiate from the palette through textures from woollen knitwear, shearling and the causality of denim and leather materials.

The accompanying accessories honour the luxurious and artisanal legacy of Bally with their display of new and refined silhouettes alongside some of the brand’s signature styles such as the Scribe dress shoes.

by Nicole Pereira

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