Bottega Veneta brings out a fanzine dedicated to Kate Moss 

BOTTEGA Veneta, a brand known for embracing collective vision since its inception in 1966, has once again proven its artistic prowess with a unique fanzine dedicated to the iconic Kate Moss. Assembled in a captivating trio of volumes, this fanzine not only pays homage to the brand’s history but also delves into Creative Director Matthieu Blazy’s longstanding adoration for the supermodel.

The first two volumes showcase Gaetano Pesce‘s artistic contributions to Bottega Veneta and a vivid portrayal of the emotions and motion embodied in the Summer ’23 collection. However, it’s the third volume that invites readers to embrace their inner child, as it delves into a world of teenage memories, collages, and collected images from Blazy’s youth.

This nostalgic collection of collages and images transports readers back to a time of innocence and curiosity. Blazy reveals that Kate Moss was his first Google search and the first photo printed on the family printer. He associates the sound of a modem with her, as he spent his teenage years scouring the internet for her photographs. Moss became a personal icon, her presence weaving through Blazy’s formative years as he built a binder filled with her images.

Bottega Veneta SS23 Kate Moss Fanzine

Bottega Veneta SS23 Kate Moss FanzineBottega Veneta SS23 Kate Moss Fanzine

Bottega Veneta SS23 Kate Moss Fanzine

The fanzine is both a love letter to Kate Moss and a gateway to the fantastical realm of Bottega Veneta. As we flip through its pages, we are reminded of our own childhood passions and encouraged to embrace a sense of wonder that often fades with age.

In the words of Matthieu Blazy, “She was my first.” And now, through this intimate fanzine, the world can share in his love for the timeless muse that is Kate Moss.

by Zlata Kryudor 

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