Bottega Veneta joins forces with Gaetano Pesce for Vieni A Vedere installation

THIS spring, Bottega Veneta pushes the boundaries of art and fashion with the captivating Vieni A Vedere installation, an ingenious collaboration between the iconic Italian brand and visionary artist Gaetano Pesce. Fresh off their joint venture for the Summer ’23 fashion show, the duo reunites to transform Bottega Veneta’s Montenapoleone store into an immersive wonderland of resin and fabric.

From April 15th to 22nd, visitors are invited to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. Pesce, granted full creative freedom, has crafted a labyrinthine grotto that weaves through the boutique.

The space is narrow, encouraging visitors to navigate it one by one, either above or below ground. The grotto’s silhouette forms the outline of a figure poised to shoot a basketball, symbolising the thrill of victory and the spirit of innovation.

In the words of Pesce, “The victory is discovery, the discovery of the language of representation”. This immersive experience challenges the norms of design and redefines the way we perceive art and fashion.

As visitors traverse the installation, they are met with a stunning collection of exclusive handbags designed by Pesce for Bottega Veneta. Each piece embodies the perfect marriage of art and luxury, available for purchase during the installation week.

Inside the installation

Vieni A Vedere invites you to step into the unknown and embrace the language of creative representation. Don’t miss this enchanting, limited-time event that merges the worlds of fashion and art in a triumph of design and self-expression.

by Zlata Kryudor 

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