Bulgari enters the metaverse with new Bulgari Colours virtual reality app

BULGARI, one of the most distinguished luxury Maisons, is the latest brand to enter the metaverse with the release of their new app, Bulgari Colours, allowing users to immerse themselves in their highly successful Bulgari Colours exhibition online.

Launched in response to the growing trend of metaverse — an ever-growing online world that promises to transform the internet into virtual reality — the Bulgari Colours app reimagines the exhibition in an interactive computer-generated space, allowing for domestic and international visitors who are unable to physically attend the exhibition due to Covid-19 to enjoy the illustrious works on display.

Bvlgari Colours Application

Bulgari Colours app

Available in both Korean and English, the Bulgari Colours app provides a lifelike VR experience and features works from the Bulgari Heritage collection and esteemed private collectors.

Bvlgari Colours Application

Bulgari Colours app

The app also showcases artworks from prominent Korean contemporary artists Kim Jongwon, Lee Sea-Hyun, Yee Sookyung, Noh Sang-kyoon, Oh Soon-kyeong, Choi Jeonghwa and Vakki, each piece inspired by the collection.

Soyoung Ko at Bvlgari Colors Exhibition Application

Soyoung Ko at the Bulgari Colours exhibition

Lisa of Blackpink at Bvlgari Colors Exhibition Application

Lisa at the Bulgari Colours exhibition

So how does it work? Upon loading the app, you’re asked to create a virtual avatar. Once created and luxuriously styled in Bulgari’s iconic jewellery, watches, and accessories, users can then explore the exhibition with their avatar through state-of-the-art 3D technology.

Each work can be viewed from 360 degrees and, upon completing all the tasks the app has to offer, you’re invited to enter a lucky draw event held each month.

Eunwoo Cha at Bvlgari Colors Exhibition Application

Eunwoo Cha at the Bulgari Colours exhibition

The app, which boasts a range of entertainment features and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos of Lisa, Cha Eun-woo and Ko So-young, is available to explore and enjoy until December 31, and is an immersive digital experience that jewellery enthusiasts and art collectors alike won’t want to miss out on.

by Joshua Hendren