Celine launches perfumed bathtime collection – Cologne Céleste

FRENCH brand Celine has unveiled their Haute Parfumerie project – an aromatic collection reimagined by Hedi Slimane, titled Cologne Céleste.

The products took inspiration from Hedi Slimane’s olfactory journal, thematics of childhood and the comfort and pleasure brought by bathing rituals. Scents of orange blossom are prominent, and the overall soft and subtle aroma that lingers on the skin recalls those initial themes of earlier years.

Cologne Céleste pays homage to traditional eau de cologne and its composition derives from its French and Italian origins. The aromatic framework of citrus and florals is reimagined to feel intimate, as well as couture, and the subtle scent of neroli laces throughout its composition, giving the fragrance its tempo and colour.

Sweet lemon elevates its zest, and notes of Angelica add a unique aroma. Scents of Ambrette Butter and Orris Butter are also pronounced and are distinguishable fragrances, separating Celine’s perfumed creations from others.

L’Huile Céleste by Celine

L’Huile Céleste, a perfumed oil for the body and hair, demonstrates versatility with its multifunctional use as it nourishes hair while also being ideal for massaging.

Its non-greasy and light texture softens the skin while leaving the lingering scent innate to Cologne Céleste. Formulated from natural ingredients of olive squalene, jojoba oil and sunflower oil, the product ensures moisturising, smoothing and nourishing qualities.

The bath milk, Le Lait Céleste, is to be poured into hot water, transforming your bath into an aromatic milky cloud, which once in contact with the skin, leaves it soft, supple and fragranced.

The Le Savon Solide Parfumé is the final addition to the collection, which softly cleanses while preserving the skin’s moisture. Its luxurious formula is composed of sweet almond oil and vegetal glycerin, and its gorgeous scent can embalm the body or be kept in a drawer to fragrance a room or clothes.

The Cologne Céleste can be applied after the bathing ritual rubbed all over the body for further refreshment and relaxation or spritzed to add a classic perfume-like finishing touch.

by Nicole Pereira