Cerruti 1881 launch FW14 collection in Hong Kong

It all comes down to Cerruti 1881 being such a top-drawer during the menswear instalments each season each and every year when Glass gets so excited over the launch of their most recent Fall/Winter collection at Hong Kong’s newest multi-functional event space, Eight & Nine. Bear in mind though, it’s not just a meagre launch when Cerruti comes into the equation, on this instance earlier this month it meant that we could finally get a bit of the fancies that are calling are name for winter; rich fabrics, slim silhouettes and the European sensibility that will always be in the right sense.




For winter, the fabric at the centre of it all was Mouliné, an innovative grain composed of contrasting twisted yarn that gives the usual colour patterns of the usual prints new energy, and render sleek narrowed lapel suits crisp to the touch. A clean masculine mode doesn’t disparage a little forward-thinking luxury; instead the deconstructed A-line outerwear does minimalism without morose affectation and in that way does founder Nino Cerruti proud.



Elsewhere, see if you’re not just a little tempted by the newly imagined “Mac”, a seamless, hand-sewn coat that paves the way for the sportier styling that is equally complimented by the new batch of extraordinarily crafted men’s accessories, a beyond broad range that proves the house’s worth in a fashionable flash.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Cerruti 1881

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