Chanel unveils latest high jewellery collection Tweed de Chanel

CHANEL begins a new chapter of creativity and innovation in the history of tweed, presenting a collection composed of Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite fabric embellished in precious stones and diamonds.

A perennial emblem of Chanel, the Scottish woollen cloth featured prominently in Virginie Viard’s recent SS20 Haute Couture collection, and has never appeared in high jewellery until very recently. With an array totalling at 45 exquisite pieces, each fashioned exclusively by hand, the distinctively precious qualities of tweed work in perfect cohesion to complement a series of diamonds, pearls and sapphires.

Tweed Brode brooch from Tweed de Chanel collection

Tweed Contraste ring from Tweed de Chanel collection

Tweed Cordage necklace in white gold from Tweed de Chanel collection

Adorned and cherished by Gabrielle Chanel, the fabric’s synonymous connection with the French maison continues to exist through special articulation techniques used to meticulously craft the collection. Rich in colours and textures, the collection utilises Scottish weaving techniques to achieve sensuality and suppleness. Having travelled from the Scottish borders to the workshop at at Place Vendôme, the beautiful irregularity of tweed establishes the foundations of each and every piece in terms of depth and structure.

Tweed d’Ete earrings from Tweed de Chanel collection

Tweed d’Ete necklace from Tweed de Chanel collection


Tweed d’Or necklace from Tweed de Chanel collection

Having prided herself on being able to perceive tweed immersed specifically in the waters of the River Tweed, Gabrielle Chanel adopted the woollen fabric as an essential part of her wardrobe. The founder and namesake of Chanel became famous for transposing tweed from menswear to womenswear in the 1920s, with the intention of establishing fashion for the modern woman, like herself, who enjoyed travelling, driving cars, and practicing sports.

Tweed Frange ring from Tweed de Chanel collection


Tweed Graphique necklace from Tweed de Chanel collection

by Cara Jenkins