Dior hosts an exhibition in celebration of their perfume, J’adore

AN EXHIBITION hosted by Dior titled Dior J’adore! is currently taking place at the Beaux-Arts De Paris and is a celebration of the renowned perfume J’adore.

The event takes its guests through the history of the perfume from Christian Dior’s love of flowers to L’Or De J’adore, the latest aromatic composition by Francis Kurkdjian.

Dior J’adore!

The exhibition provides a brilliant narrative with a sensory adventure spanning Dior’s cultural heritage, olfactory emotions, captivating visuals and an excellent piece of art by Refik Anadol.

The golden hallways of Beaux-Arts De Paris guide guests into the heart of the couturier revealing memories sentimental to the designer such as his secret childhood garden at his Villa Les Rhumbs home in Granville alongside the Château de La Colle Noire in Grasse.

The exhibition depicts the fundamentals of Monsieur Dior and further showcases some of his most beautifully designed dresses.

Dior J’adore!

J’adore is a perfume which celebrates the beauty inherent to flowers with notes of jasmine samba and damascene rose being poignant aromas. With flower-covered walls, a room illustrates a summer’s days from the crisp of morning to the calm of night.

The exhibition further offers an interactive demonstration by the House’s artisans enlightening guests on the bottle’s design and the process that led them to its perfect curve. L’Or De J’adore is also on display sitting magnificently on a pillar in an all-gold room where its scent fills the air for guests to relish in.

Dior J’adore!

The dreamy escapade continues with an interpretation in the form of a J’adore x-ray by artist Katerina Jebb which is then followed by Fred Eerdeken’s expressions sewed in a graceful golden thread and finally Yuriko Takagi’s photography of a forever-evolving perfume and its vigorous flowers.

J’adore is an invitation to daydream a notion prominent in the final stage of the exhibition with a digital vision by Refik Anadol. An installation is built and provides an illusion of a golden sea of serenity, allowing guests to experience the luxury intrinsic to J’adore, a perfume which captures every emotion.

by Nicole Pereira

The exhibition will be open from the 27th of September 2023 – 8th of October 2023