Dior presents its SS23 womenswear campaign

FOR THIS year’s SS23 ready-to-wear collection, Dior delved into the various aspects of feminine power and, in particular, draws inspiration from the iconic figure of Catherine de Medici.

Featuring a fusion of Dior’s iconic style elements, including a reimagined corset that accentuates the silhouette with its graphic shapes, the classic crinoline style of skirts and dresses are given a modern twist with exaggerated proportions, and the addition of sportswear elements brings a contemporary feel to this unique blend of past and present.

Photographer Brigitte Niedermair brings this (Re)naissance of Dior style to life through a series of stunning shots that capture the mysterious essence of the collection. The images feature a refined setting with a play of light and shadows, set against shades of green, and reveal a universe that is tinged with mystery.

by Zlata Kryudor