Dior unveils a new collection of 75 Rouge Dior lipsticks

PETER Phillips, creative and image director for Dior Makeup – and one of the most prolific make-up artists of our time – has just unveiled the most delightful of beauty treats to uplift your stay-at-home routine; a dazzling collection of 75 Rouge Dior lipsticks.

Dior Makeup’s Rouge Dior

Embellished with glittering silver CD initials, the fresh line-up of colours take inspiration from the masterful design and sophistication of the Maison’s couture accessories.

Dior Makeup’s Rouge Dior

First created by Christian Dior himself in 1953, the new Rouge Dior lipsticks harken back to the original vision of House’s founder and have become refillable once again.

With both history and the 2021 woman in mind, Phillips explored all facets of the signature formulation and reinvented it with protective floral properties. Red peony, one of Christian Dior’s most beloved flowers, helps preserve the lips’ natural moisture, extract of pomegranate blossom helps fade fine lines while shea butter works to complement the flower extracts with lasting nourishment.

Dior Makeup’s Rouge Dior

Each shade, ranging from a subtle beige to an intense crimson, is suited to “dress women’s smiles”, with a timeless option for all preferences.

Dior Makeup’s Rouge Dior

“Rouge Dior is the ultimate lipstick that has built a strong image and reputation around the world,” said Phillips. “Today, it is a timeless icon that never ceases to amaze.”

by Joshua Hendren

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