Dr Sebagh presents the Supreme Day Cream

WITH over 30 years as a leading cosmetic surgeon, looking after some of the most famous faces in the world – discreetly – Dr Sebagh has recently introduced the Supreme Day Cream into his highly regarded, advanced anti-ageing skincare range.

Declaring all-out war on free radicals and environmental damage, in particular HEV light (high energy visible light or photolight which can be as damaging as UVA/UVB) and is emitted by all the screens which are part of everyday life now , the luxurious Supreme Day Cream contains a potent range of innovative ingredients such as anti-oxidants to restore, hydrate and protect the skin.

dr sebagh supreme day creamDr Sebagh Supreme Day Cream

Of course the technology behind this lovely luxury cream is crucial but Glass loves this easily absorbed, silky and feather-light luxury cream and ageing crepe-iness and fine lines appear to have been banished since using it.

Just the thing to segue our complexions from summer to autumn.

by Caroline Simpson
Dr Sebagh Supreme Day Cream (50ml) £145.00

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