Dunhill launches festive campaign celebrating dogs and their owners

IT HAS been said that there is nothing more special than the bond between a dog and their owner. With Christmas being a time of celebration and love, Dunhill have found a very fitting moment to shine a light on this relationship.

Creative Director, Mark Weston explained, “Spending more time at home recently and as a dog owner myself, I wanted our festive campaign to portray that bond. It’s authentic and brings positivity to the everyday.”

In light of Weston’s words, the past couple of months have shone a new light on the mundane, highlighting how even the relationships we take for granted are probably the most precious to us.

Babacar with Sal the Great Dane for Dunhill’s Festive Campaign 2020

Featuring alongside models Babacar, Stas and Hidetatsu are Sal the Great Dane, Ark the Afghan Hound and Theo the Toy Poodle. This festive campaign puts Dunhill’s value of connection on display showing us that the British brand’s universe is about friendship of all kinds.

Hidetatsu with Ark the Afghan Hound for Dunhill’s Festive Campaign 2020

Stas with Theo the Toy Poodle for Dunhill’s Festive Campaign 2020

The campaign focuses on Dunhill’s leather goods, footwear and accessories with photos also featuring looks from the autumn-winter 2020 collection. The festive series has been especially curated for this period of time introducing a new Signature collection.

Additionally, the bags and accessories are inspired by archive packaging where the Dunhill Longtail logo is reimagined on a geometric repeat print.

by Imogen Clark 

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