Face Halo promotes sustainable beauty with upcycling programme

SUSTAINABILITY and ethical consideration probably isn’t the first thing one tends to think of when removing makeup. And yet Face Halo is making it their singular priority that everyone recognises the issue of environmental waste by producing makeup wipes that can be washed and reused up to 200 times. The company’s ecological progress for the beauty industry has been cemented even further with the latest upcycling programme in the UK. Combining scientific innovation with a passion for the environment, Face Halo is now encouraging customers to return their used products to be upcycled rather than left to contribute to waste problems in landfills. According to Lizzy Pike, Face Halo’s founder, the company is “thrilled to be offering an Upcyling Programme, sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Face Halo and this programme is a really important step for us.”

Face Halo Recyclable Makeup Wipes

As society becomes increasingly more enlightened of the damage caused by reckless waste, projects like the Upcycling Programme at Face Halo remind us that we can both indulge in fantastic beauty products while being kind to the world around us.

by Maria Noyen

More information on the Face Halo Upcycling Programme here

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