Fendi unveils next instalment of #BaguetteFriendsForever

FENDI unveils the next instalment of its #BaguetteFriendsForever campaign, The Unexpected Baguette, starring supermodel Winnie Harlow and her real-life best friend and fellow model, Shannon Hamilton.

Winnie Harlow with the latest Baguette bag

The short film is all about surprising your best friend, with Shannon doing just that. Ready to go out with her Baguette bag, Winnie hears her phone ring – it is Shannon, calling from New York. The two best friends natter away and dream of spending the day together.

Shannon Hamilton and Winnie Harlow with their Baguettes

Shannon Hamilton and Winnie Harlow with their Baguettes

Out shopping in Miami, Winnie is hypnotised by the mystic FendiFrenesia room, inside which the fragrance notes remind her of memories with Shannon. When looking at the scented Baguette, Winnie is interrupted by a voice exclaiming “Nice bag!”, and upon turning to answer “This is not a bag, it’s a Baguette!”, she discovers it is Shannon.

Their wish of spending the day together came true. From driving their cabrio car on Ocean Drive and dancing together under the palm trees to having fun at the beauty salon, the Baguette bag family strings along with them. The green FF embossed regular shape bag is refreshingly bold, while the pink leather woven bag boasts an understated elegance.

Yet, the ultimate surprise is when Winnie discovers the Baguette bag of her dreams in the back of the car.

Shannon Hamilton and Winnie Harlow with their Baguettes

The new Baguette

This fun, quirky campaign celebrates both friendship and a mutual love of fashion – now which friend will you surprise?

by Rhiannon Jenkins

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