Ferragamo presents a new take on the modern wardrobe with its Pre-Spring 2024 collection

PRE-SPRING 2024 is the beginning of Ferragamo’s mission to reimagine the contemporary wardrobe from a fresh perspective. This line is a thoughtful reinterpretation of Italian heirloom garments by designer Maximilian Davis, who infuses timeless classics with modern grace, aspiring to personify the effortless elegance and fine craftmanship that characterises classic Italian style.

The line tastefully blends elements from different eras, from the cinched waists of the 40s to the glamorous flair of the 80s and the 90s minimalist aesthetic, evoking a timeless charm. The designer revives the idea of classic wardrobe basics, with occasional references to Ferragamo’s influence. Details from a 1956 twisted rope sandal, hardware evocative of a 1980s Ferragamo lighter, and quilted patterns from a 1999 collection all served as sources of inspiration.

The materials used are a major factor in striking a harmony between classic and modern reflections. Natté wool, lightweight yet structured, breathes life into both tailored and sports attire. Flocked denim resembling velvet and double-faced cashmere redefine casual wear with opulence. The collection features an array of après-ski outfits, soft bonded leathers, and eveningwear that blend glamour with effortless chic.

In addition, the accessories reflect a fresh perspective on modern classics with a hint of geometric dynamism. From the sculptural edge of a top-flap shoulder bag to the cut-outs of a leather shopper, every piece is a testament to Ferragamo’s luxurious expertise. Reimagined classics like the Hug bag add to the contemporary allure.

The footwear is also making a notable comeback, with sandals reminiscent of those worn in the ’50s. Modern updates to classic styles like stilettos and brogues herald a new age for Ferragamo.

by Zlata Kryudor