The Glass Christmas Gift Guide – perfumes of note

Night Veils Reine de Nuit

Byredo Night Veils Extrait de Parfum

The recently launched Byredo Night Veils Extrait de Parfum collection is ideal for those who love unusual and distinctive fragrances. Inspired by night-blooming flowers, the three scents in the range: Casablanca Lily, Reine de Nuit, and Midnight Candy are heady and memorable, and offer an intense burst of fragrance from just one drop of scent on the skin. Presented in chic black bottles, Byredo Night Veils are dressing-table collectables.

by Rachel McCormack

Byredo is available from here, Liberty and Selfridges


MISIA_FLACON_4Chanel Misia Exclusif

Chanel Misia Exclusif

Chanel’s Les Exclusifs range is a hunter’s paradise of beautiful, collectible perfume, but one in particular makes the most appropriate of gifts for your best friend. Misia is a fragrance inspired by the great and enduring friendship of Gabrielle Chanel and Misia – “A name that drastically changed the life of Mademoiselle by introducing her to the world of the arts,” say Chanel. Misia is immortalised here as Godmother of the Ballets Russes. Violet, rose and iris alchemise to create the excitement of theatrical make-up on the warm bodies of dancers: Misia truly is eternal femininity in fragrance.

by Rachel McCormack

Chanel Misia Exclusif is priced from £115 (75 ml EDP) and is available from here

packshot_The_Orchid_Man_web copy

The Orchid Man from Frapin

The Orchid Man from Frapin

Created by perfumer Jérôme Epinette, this is the tenth fragrance from the house of Frapin, widely renowned for its cognacs, and is inspired by story of French boxer Georges Carpentier, known in America as “the Orchid Man”. A fascinating character, Carpentier fought his first professional bout at the age of 14, in 1908, and retired from the game in 1927, going on to set up one of the first cocktail bars in Paris. Frapin began producing perfumes in 2002.

Epinette built up The Orchid Man by first contemplating how boxing is way of confronting oneself, almost a spiritual practice, beginning with the scent of worn leather boxing gloves, and this scent has immediate sparkly citrusy-fresh bergamot notes giving it an assertive punch which is underscored by intense leathery and woody tones.

Presented in a handsome case, The Orchid Man’s glass bottle is engraved with the Frapin crest and topped with sturdy beech stopper which echoes the wooden barrels of cognac which has been produced by the house since 1290. To  be worn by a man or a woman.

by Caroline Simpson

The Orchid Man retails at £98 (100ml EDP) and is available from Bloom Perfumery London


USE Molecules 30ml 01,02,03 Metal CasesEscentric Molecules Fragrances 01, 02,03

Escentric Molecules Fragrances 01, 02,03
Avant garde and experimental Escentric Molecules paired Fragrances 01, 02, 03 blend with one’s natural chemistry to create unique perfumes designed to attract and intrigue. Created by German perfumer Geza Schoen who sees perfume as an art form, he creates each of these refined fragrances around a core base synthetic molecule which mimicks and refines its natural begetter. These are produced by Schoen in a laboratory rather than extracting from a natural source.

Glass particularly likes the vetiver Molecules 03 which is “a hybrid” of extracted vetiver oil and the acetic acid molecule. Whatever the science behind it, this perfume seduces with spicy, fresh and invigorating notes. Escentric Molecules are packaged in sleek minimal metal travel cases.

by Caroline Simpson

Escentric Molecule Fragrances (30ml EDP with travel case £38: the 30ml refill retails at £27) can be purchased at  Liberty and Harvey Nichols,

CROP Or_Intemporel_front

Noir Premier Or Intemporel 1888 by Lalique

Noir Premier Or Intemporel 1888 Eau de Parfum
This exquisite and decadent perfume, Or Intemporel 1888 was created to commemorate the year that Lalique, orginally and arguably the world’s greatest makers and designers of crystal and glass, was founded by René Lalique – the actual date of its registration being, August 1, 1881.

Or Intemporel 1888 is the most exclusive fragrance of the French luxury brand’s Noir Premier collection of perfumes and is an “olfractory interpretation” of gold as a scent in a bottle. Having addictive (in scent only, don’t fear) main notes of tobacco and coffee, the heat of molten gold and its contrasting metallic cool given by cardamon, black pepper, nutmeg. Vanilla and patchouli are also to be found in this heady intoxicating scent. It is an exotically perfectly balanced fragrance.

With a wing motif on its sculpted glass edges, the bottle is based on one of René Lalique’s original designs – the Quartre Aigles (four eagles) – and, originally made in 1911, was the first black perfume bottle ever. The black of his earlier designs is replaced here with a gold finish on all sides of the flacon. Or Intemporel 1888 is presented in a very elegant lacquer box which would grace any sophisticated dressing table.

by Caroline Simpson

Noir Premier Or Intemporel 1888  (100ml EDP, £200) is available from Harrods or Lalique, 47 Conduit Street, London W1S 2YP  telL (44) 020 7292 0444 or email:
For more details of where to buy it, please go here


Amber MoleculeAmber Molecule from The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi

Amber Molecule from The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi
This year award-winning British perfumer Azzi Glasser released her first collection of 11 limited edition fragrances – The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi. All of the scents in this wonderful range are highly distinctive – as well as being carefully and thoughtfully crafted. And all are exquisite.

Glass is particularly drawn to the feminine, light and delicate Amber Molecule which hints at mystery and intrigue. Amber is blended here with a sensual tuberose absolute and rock rose with a sandalwood, french powder and vanilla musk base. This is an enigmatic complex fragrance that one never tires of.

by Caroline Simpson

The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi collection is exclusive to Harvey Nichols. Each fragrance retails at £95 (30 ml EDP) Azzi’s limited edition fragrances and bespoke service will be available exclusively at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge and online until December 31, 2015