Glass discovers Joy Adenuga make-up brushes and solid brush soap

MULTI-AWARD winning, London-based make-up artist Joy Adenuga is a gatekeeper of the beauty realm. With over a decade of experience working as a successful make-up artist, Adenuga heralds all the secrets and skills required to achieve a flawless finish.

Having found her eponymous make-up line last year, Adenuga offers a plethora of award-winning make-up brushes, accompanied with the latest release of her vegan brush soap, allowing all to indulge in a slice of Adenuga’s unrivalled make-up artistry.

Tangy Orange brush soap

Solid Brush Soap. £18 at Joy Adenuga.

Joy Adenuga’s latest release is the vegan Solid Brush Soap, infused with vitamin C, olive fruit oil, shea oil and Chinese licorice, which is gentle and nourishing for the skin, resulting in no irritation. Available in either a fresh vanilla scent or a zesty orange, I used the latter which permeated the bristles with a subtle tang of orange. The soap is accompanied by a brush cleaning mat, crafted with differing grooves and indentations, allowing each individual bristle to be reached and deeply cleansed.

To use this product, I dampened my brushes in cold water and vigorously swirled each one against the mat, which slots perfectly into the tin lid. I then carefully squeezed out any excess solution and left the brushes to dry to their natural shape. With this brush soap, the process of cleaning the brushes was completed in rapid time, crystallising and dissolving all pre-existing product build-up that was lurking between the bristles.

Joy Adenuga Brush 003

Brush 003 Gotta Dash. £11.50 at Joy Adenuga.

Joy Adenuga’s brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, composed of high-grade synthetic hair with grey-tipped bristles, succeeding as one of the cleanest and honest brushes available. Each brush is flexible and functional, effortlessly retaining the product and delicately blending into the skin, with no visible fallout.

The bristles are densely fabricated, fanning into a plume of feathery bristles that feel like velvet caressing the skin. As the name entails,  Gotta Dash brush is acutely angled to apply cream products in a hurry with accuracy. This brush became my contour and concealer heroine, skilfully shaped to sculpt the cheeks and melt cream bronzer into the skin, along with finely coating the crevasses and curves of the under eye area.

Joy Adenuga Brush 001

Brush 001 Big Mama. £22 at Joy Adenuga.

Affectionately named Big Mama, brush 001 is perhaps the mother of the brush line, crafted with a multitude of soft bristles for multi-purpose use. As the largest brush of the collection, it is the most versatile, applying blush, bronzer and setting powder with ease. For me, this brush was rounded perfectly to apply a profusion of bronzer with precision, distributing the product evenly over the areas the sun would naturally kiss.

The wooden handle is purposely sculpted to seamlessly slot between the fingers, aiding the overall application process.

by Sophia Ford-Palmer