Glass discovers Løre haircare at Taylor Taylor London

WHEN it comes to your hair there is a battle to protect, nurture and have fun with it. With the struggle to balance the three daily, the introduction of winter weather doesn’t help. But, this is where London’s Taylor Taylor comes to the rescue.

Renowned for their pioneering approach to hair, they take pride in throwing away the “one size fits alls” narrative by merging expertly trained colour technicians with premium products to offer a bespoke service for each customer.

Hidden away in various of the capital’s prime locations, their contemporary designed oasis is home to murals, vintage furniture and infamous complimentary cocktails, ensuring appointments are hassle free and full of serenity.

Taylor Taylor London Taylor Taylor London

Upon my visit to the Notting Hill branch on the famous Portobello Road, Sarah-Jane took control of taming and nourishing my thick and somewhat dye-damaged hair. Stocked at Taylor Taylor, Løre, the triple-award winning brand, specialising in unisex products that promote hair health across all hair-types, was the recommended treatment.

Natural, vegan and sustainable – the much sought after triple threat of product characteristics – works to improve and protect the scalp and hair with each use. Opting for the Legend Intensive Hair Treatment Mask, a hailed restorative formula praised by a mass of beauty journalists who claim it to be a game changer, a penetrative combination of essential natural oils, marine plant cultures and complex scientific compounds improve and protect from the cuticle down.

The clay-like mask is applied onto dry hair and left on to set for a minimum of 15 minutes until it is hard – for maximum effectiveness, applying some heat is recommended, so either lying in a warm bath or even going into the sauna on holiday are good options when using this. Once ready, rinse it all off with warm water, then shampoo and conditioner are your final steps.

Løre Hair CareHair after treatment

Impressed with my hair health after is an understatement. It was lightweight, glowing and finally felt like it had been injected with a tsunami of nourishment. Whether you’re looking for a colour treatment, a mask, a cut or even just an afternoon of relaxation, Taylor Taylor is sure to be your next stop.

by Imogen Clark 

Taylor Taylor London: 309 Portobello Rd, London W10 5TD