Glass experiences mind and body rejuvenation at Broughton Sanctuary

THERE are singular times when you stumble upon a place that makes you wonder if there’s a gap in the space-time continuum. Broughton Sanctuary is one of them. Time stands still on the Tempest family estate.

Home to many filming locations, from Emily to Bridgerton, there are far, and few in between, that know how to properly experience the 3,000 acres of land.

Before we go into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to mention that Broughton is currently on a rewilding mission. Located in the Yorkshire countryside, the estate is home to one of the UK’s leading nature recovery projects, with over 350,000 trees–including 15 native broadleaves–planted in the last three years, which equated to the biggest tree planting scheme in England in 2021.

It’s always the intention behind the action, though. Change is a tiny ember, never a big explosion. And Roger Tempest is too humble to admit what a big part he plays in the ongoing eco-crisis.

The heartfelt intensity in the Sanctuary is palpable. The efforts to cleanse and bring people back to their original roots come from all directions. Whether that’s through the locally sourced produce, the retreats or the family’s general demeanour.

I believe it’s primarily because of Roger and his partner Paris Akrill. They create a vortex of love you can’t encapsulate in words but are immersed in as you step onto the Tempest family estate. Their ideology permeates everything in sight.

With a heritage of over 1000+ years, their legacy is undeniable. But what’s most impressive is how they’ve turned a family legacy into a place of healing. From Roger’s warm and welcoming nature to Paris’ soft feminine demeanour, they have built Broughton Sanctuary as a place for healing and homecoming.

I had no preconceived ideas about the estate before my arrival. Yet, when I stepped onto its grounds, I felt a sense of belonging. Nature and life come together when you feel synergy. And that’s exactly what the domain brings out—a little magic.

The end result? A seemingly untouched land where nature grows free and bunnies hop from bush to bush. Like Alice in Wonderland. A surreal landscape that makes you wonder if you’ve lost the plot or are still in England. The planet is healing, and Broughton sets the tone.

Without giving too much away, the Avalon Centre, led by Paris, is the beating heart of it all. It’s also home to the first Somadone in the UK, alongside other alternative therapies–from moon bathing, daily yoga and meditation to sound healing.

Broughton Sanctuary is ultimately a place that should not be written about but experienced. Because the heart of it lies in the unexpected, extraordinary, and genuine humane sentiment. It’s magic personified.

by Adina Ilie

Holidays at Broughton Sanctuary start from £520 for three nights in 1-bed cottages, on self catering basis. For more information and to book a stay visit or call 01756 799608.