The Glass guide to exercise and self-care during lockdown

AS ALL our favourite gyms and work-out studios have closed due to the Covid-19 crisis, many of us, are turning to live-streamed classes to get our hit (or HIIT) of exercise or meditation to help keep us fit and in balance during these trying times. Here are some of the Glass team’s favourite online classes.


Disco Barre

Glass Beauty Director Kim Brown’s guide to home health and beauty Disco Barre

A Disco Barre class in action

Disco Barre is (normally) a Dalston-based studio and was set up by Sophie Ritchie, with the “aim for you to feel more a slave to the rhythm than the treadmill”. The classes are based on the original barre technique devised by the legendary Lotte Berk – which was popularised in the 1960s (Joan Collins, Barbra Streisand and Britt Ekland were fans) and Sophie was trained by Lotte’s daughter, Esther Fairfax.

Combining both dance and fitness, Disco Barre offers the “discipline of ballet with strength training, isometric holds, circular movements for mobilisation and small but intense and at times sexy, choreographed sequences”. As someone who works out regularly in a normal gym, I ached (pleasantly) for days after my first few Disco Barre sessions. This is a very effective work out.

You can do the class at home with a minimum of equipment – a yoga or pilates mat and a chair is basically all you need.

The music Sophie selects to soundtrack the classes is fabulous too – with a selection of underground disco, house, boogie, funk, Balearic, Italo and acid house – it distracts you from how hard you are actually working. As Sophie says, “Close your eyes, feel the burn and you could be in Studio 54 or the Paradise Garage.”

Sophie holds online Disco Barre classes on: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 18.30PM and Saturday 10.30AM
Each class costs £7.99 per class or £50 a month subscription.

Details of Disco Barre’s livestream schedule is available here

Recording of the classes remain up on Boontv for up to 48 hours.

Check out Disco Barre on Instagram


Glass fitness editor and master trainer Gary Ward working out

ONE LDN is a premium fitness club located in the heart of Imperial Wharf, Chelsea and one of its expert trainers is our fitness editor Gary Ward. During lockdown, ONE LDN have created a bespoke Home Timetable from the mix of signature classes to help you build your dream physique wherever you are.

With four types of classes Strength (Upper and Lower), Conditioning, Cardio and Stretch & Yoga, and all workout splits planned out for you, all you need to do is choose what class types and times work best! Make ONE LDN home workout part of your routine and we promise to bring you significant changes in your motivation, mindset and body daily.

To book visit:

As well as this, the team at ONE LDN will be teaching free classes each day from their homes on the OneLDN Instagram account. Gary will be doing a free legs and glutes class every Tuesday 6.30pm and a legs and core session on Saturday 10.30am on Instagram. He will also be giving tips on movement and healthy eating from his personal Instagram account.


Headspace Meditating

Headspace meditation

Meditating really helps to elevate your mood and cultivate peace of mind. Headspace is a great app because it covers lots of different topics in terms of mindfulness, such as eating, sleeping and exercising. It also shares valuable techniques on how to deal with anxiety and stress, emotions which for many of us have been rapidly induced by Covid-19.

Discover more about Headspace Meditation here


The Body Coach

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks, also known as the Body Coach, has an incredible energy and spirit when it comes to making exercise fun. He offers exercise routines that encourage people of all ages and abilities to remain fit and healthy in light of lockdown. You can join him every day on his YouTube channel for his P.E. with Joe workouts, specifically aimed at children to keep them both entertained and active. Plus, all the proceeds from advertising go directly to the NHS.

Access all of Joe Wicks’ fitness videos on YouTube here


Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler

Yoga is brilliant for exercising both the body and the mind. It’s very easy to practice yoga in your home environment as it requires very little space and there is no need for equipment. Adriene has a lovely tone, and offers online yoga and mindfulness classes for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Access Adriene’s yoga class videos here