Glass Guide to Pancake Day in London 2024

PANCAKES are a tasty treat on any day of the year.

Yet, on Shrove Tuesday, they seem to taste even better. For those eager to use up any milk, eggs and butter, the day is a perfect excuse to cook up some delicious crepes or fluffy American-style pancakes. However, for those hoping to avoid home cooking, we have rounded up the best locations to celebrate the day in style.

The Wolseley City

This Pancake Day, The Wolseley City is a must-visit for those wanting pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serving fluffy pancakes all day, The Wolseley City offers a variety of delectable delights with maple syrup, bacon or seasonal berries. Similarly, Nutella or sugar & lemon crepes will be served for lunch and dinner.

Pancakes start at £14.50. Breakfast is served up until 11:30 am. For more information, please visit here.


London’s favourite Sri Lankan street food restaurant Hoppers is subverting the festive day with a Sri Lankan twist. The restaurant will be serving its very own Hopper Pancake – a fluffy pancake filled with coconut cream and jaggery. The pancakes will be available for lunch and dinner across all Hoppers locations on Pancake Day.

For more information, please visit here.


Audrey’s – one of London’s cosiest cafés – is introducing a sweet and savoury pancake day offer. Sweet options include crêpe Suzette, lemon and sugar and a mouth-watering chocolate and caramelised banana pancake – served with vanilla ice cream.

For those curious about their savoury counterparts, smoked ham and gruyere will be available alongside a full English pancake filled with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, sausages and tomatoes.

Sweet pancakes are priced at £5 per serving and savoury are £8. For more information, please visit here.

Bar Des Prés

Finally, the prestigious Mayfair restaurant Bar Des Prés has put an exquisite luxury spin on the sweet treats. Expertly helmed by French Chef Cyril Lignac, Bar des Prés is the ultimate place to visit for those with a sweet tooth. Lignac’s crêpe Suzette – made with caramelised sugar, butter, oranges and lemon – is the perfect dish to enjoy with family and friends this Pancake Day. However, the chocolate and banana pancake is yet another must-try.

For more information, please visit here.

by Sophie Richardson