The Glass Guide to Summer Drinking

SUMMER is the perfect season to enjoy some of the fresher, more exotic flavours in our drinks. While a gin and tonic remains a timeless summer tipple, it can sometimes be a little too familiar.

In this Glass guide, we take you through some of the more exciting drinks to sip on during the remainder of the summer season with a variety of spirits, wine and craft drinks. 

Aiki Smooth Gin

Aiki Smooth Gin

Made from Japanese botanicals, Aiki Smooth is the newest launch from Japanese Blends. It won a silver medal at the London Spirits Competition, and makes a fine choice for gin drinkers looking for a luxury addition to their bar. As the name suggests, Aiki is super smooth, and made with distinctive botanicals local to Japan. Expect to enjoy flavours of citrus zest, Japanese pepper, angelica and yuzu with each sip. 

Price: £49.99

For more information about Aiki Smooth gin visit here.

Forever Summer bottle

Mirabeau Wine Forever Summer

With a brilliant portfolio of French wine, Mirabeau have become key players in the world of Rosé. This beautifully crafted wine offers vivid fruity notes of wild strawberry and cherry. Everything from the delicate pale pink colour to the lingering flavours of red summer fruits makes this an instant cult classic for the season. 

Price: £11

Mirabeau Wine Summer Forever is available to purchase here.

Select Aperitivo

Select Aperitivo 

Founded in 1920, and born in Venice, Select Aperitivo sits somewhere between Campari and Aperol. Select Aperitivo is a key ingredient in the Venetian Spritz and should be served with 3 parts Prosecco, two parts of SELECT and one part club soda. With 30 botanicals and a higher percentage than Aperol, this wonderful red aperitif is ideal for a summer spritz served with a slice of history and green olive garnish. 

Price: £16.75

SELECT Aperitivo can be purchased here.



This Italian aperitivo is made from authentic Italian bergamot, and is based on a recipe that dates back to 1850. It was known in Italy as Aperitivo Di Corte, which translated to the The Drink of Kings. Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto is a drink which  resurrects Italy’s history with liqeur as rosolio would have once been the original aperitivo before vermouth, bitters and amaro. Italicus is fresh on the nose with flavours of citrus, earthy botanicals and floral spice on the palate.

To purchase Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, visit their website here.

Pre mixed cocktails from Moore House Cocktail Company

Moore House Cocktail Company

An ice cold cocktail is quintessential in the summertime, but sometimes an impromptu craving can’t be satisfied due to a lack of ingredients. Moore House Cocktail Company offer up a range of pre-made cocktails that ensure you are only one pour away from having a classic Martini or Negroni. 

For purchase and price details visit the Moore House Cocktail Company website here.

GT Grenache bottle

GT Grenache 2017 

Many consider red wine an evening drink however, it’s easy to forget the wonders of drinking a delicious red in the sun. This dark red wine from the famous Rhone Valley is   both full bodied and assertive with flavours of red fruits and black cherry. Its plump flavour is a wonderful pairing with a day picnics or evening roast dinner. 

Price: £15.38

To purchase GT Grenache 2017 please visit here.

A tiki summer serve

Captain Morgan Tiki 

Unlike Captain Morgan’s classic rum, this new Tiki launch injects a tropical twist into the popular rum which we already know and love. Flavours of mango and pineapple dance alongside the smooth sweet dark rum. Use it in classic rum cocktails or simply serve with lemonade and ice for a taste of the tropics.

Price: £16.50

Buy Captain Morgan Tiki here.

Cotswolds No.2 Wildflower Gin

Cotswolds No.2 Wildflower Gin

Flavours of elderflower, camomile and lemon balm dance on top of this sturdy London dry gin. Unlike other gin infusions, Cotswolds No.2 allows you to enjoy the true foundations of the spirit whilst gently boasting the natural wildflower flavours. Serve with a dash of tonic for a floral and bittersweet g+t and garnish with either a lemon wedge or sprig of mint

Price: £34.95

Cotswolds No.2 Wildflower Gin is available to buy here.

Jubel range


This exceptionally refreshing range of fruity craft beers will quench your thirst on any summer day. With a core range of peach, elderflower and grapefruit, Jubel is ideal for those looking to drink something slightly unconventional and crisp. Despite being a beer, it has the characteristics of a cider and is a brilliant gateway into the wonderful world of craft beer. It’s worth noting that the beers are all vegan and gluten free.

JUBEL is available to buy here.

Ayuuk bottle


Having recently been nominated as spirit of the year at the 2020 Spirited Awards, Ayuuk is a unique drink which offers a spicier side to summer. Made with the extremely rare Pasilla Mixe chillies grown in Oaxaca, Mexico, Ayuuk offers smoky serve which is great served over ice with ginger ale and a squeeze of lemon or simply in a margarita. 

Price: £58 

Ayuuk is available to purchase here.

A STARLINO Arancione Spritz

STARLINO Arancione

What’s more refreshing than an Italian Aperitivo? STARLINO  Arancione is produced in the North-Eastern Italian region of Piedmont, and offers an all natural blend of white wine and distilled oranges which are combined with lemon peel, herbs and botanicals. This fruity Italian serve is a versatile addition to any bar it can be had neat, with tonic or in a classic STARLINO Arancione Spritz. Mix 1 part STARLINO, 1 part sparkling wine and one part soda to enjoy this fresh citrusy delight. 

Price: £23

To purchase STARLINO Arancione, please visit here.

Porters gin and tonic

Porters Gin

If you want a versatile, yet classic gin for drinking with tonic, then Porters is an excellent choice. Its light, natural flavour comes from a cold distillation process, which gives the gin its gentle yet extroverted taste. Flavours such as citrus zest, pink pepper and cinnamon swimming in a botanical pool, making Porters the ideal summer ‘go to’. 

Price: £31.95

Purchase Porters Gin from here.

A serving of Wasabi Vodka

Wasabi Vodka 

The chances are, you’ve never had wasabi vodka before. Made with English grown wasabi, this bottle of vodka is the showstopper you never thought you needed in your home bar. Wasabi Vodka is a perfect pairing with sushi and summer salads but it also makes a great addition in a Dirty Martini. Bold flavours of mustard and radish are balanced by the natural sweetness of the wasabi, and lovers of vodka will enjoy drinking it neat over ice.

Price: £29 

Buy Wasabi Vodka here.

QVT Dry Gin and tonic

QVT Dry Gin

QVT Dry Gin offers a true taste of the Provence, boasting aromatic botanicals such as juniper, lavender, rose, coriander and rose to name a few. With London Dry dominating the market, and Provence hailing as a famous wine region, the newly launched QVT is a brilliant offering of France’s contribution to the world of dry gin. It can be enjoyed neat over ice or paired with tonic or soda water.  

Price: £36.60

QVT Dry Gin is available from here.

by Katrina Mirpuri