Glass presents a still-life grooming story by Ivona Chrzastek

GLASS presents a still-life grooming story shot by photographer Ivona Chrzastek, focusing a lens on two fresh faced beauties and their vital tools. Skin and haircare promote vibrancy and vitality. It’s beauty at its most raw. Featuring models George Kirkup-Delph and Jacob Stanford.

Shaving soap: Taylor of Old Bond Street, Comb: Geo. F. Trumper. Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek

Jacob Stanford. Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek

Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek

Soaps: Santa Maria Novella and Binu Binu, Comb: Geo. F. Trumper, Shaving soap: Taylor of Old Bond Street.
Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek

George Kirkup-Delph. Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek

Alum stone, Pumice stone, Volcanic Pumice Stone: all Officine Universalle Buly 1803
Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek

Comb: Geo. F. Trumper. Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek

Comb: T.B Tatam, Loofah, Natural Sponge: Officine Universalle Buly 1803,
Soap: Taylor of Old Bond Street, Clay Sponge: The Konjac Sponge Co. Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek

George Kirkup-Delph. Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek

Jacob Stanford. Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek

Shaving soap: Taylor of Old Bond Street. Photograph:Ivona Chrzastek


PHOTOGRAPHER Ivona Chrzastek @Ivonachrzastek

GROOMING Konstantinos Vrettakos using Mr.Smith @konstantinos_vrettakos

MAKE UP Emily Mergeart @emilymergaertmakeup

SKIN Emily Mergaert using Evolve Skincare and Tom Ford Beauty

SET DESIGN Johanne Mills

MODELS George Kirkup-Delph @ Models1, Jacob Stanford @ Models1