Glass presents its spring inspirations

SPRING is the time of year for renewal and rebirth, the season associated with starting anew. Glass invites you into spring with style, presenting our editors’ top picks of everything that inspires them for the new season. From handbags to biking helmets, our eclectic range of picks shows the best of the new collections of the season, which we hope inspires you too.

Louis Vuitton Suitcase

From the looks of it, the near future will involve quite a few connecting flights to visit my new Colombian boyfriend. Ever since I saw Virgil Abloh’s AW20/21 heaven-inspired collection for Louis Vuitton, this suitcase has been etched in my mind. As I fly through the clouds to finally arrive at Medellín airport, I want this baby in one hand and my lover latched on to the other.

Regner Ramos, Space Editor

On sale as part of the Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter collection 2020

Limited Edition Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé

Everyone loves Laurent-Perrier here at Glass, but I particularly love this limited edition release of their classic Cuvée Rosé because of its beautiful rose coloured caging – it’s a great outfit! When drinking champagne, I’m always drawn fresh and citrusy notes, all of which are all explored in the palate of this rosé champagne. I usually enjoy a glass of this on its own in the warmer months. However, it goes perfectly paired with seafood or even served with rich chocolate-based desserts.The Limited Edition Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé is a true showstopper with its premium taste and dashing good looks.

Katrina Mirpuri, Music Editor

Laurent-Perrier’s limited edition Cuvée Rosé is available at Selfridges for £79.99

Dashel Slim Fit Cycling Helmet

As spring kicks in, I’ve decided to take up cycling and have found the perfect eco accessory. Dashel’s stylish, slim-fit cycling helmet is the world’s first recyclable helmet and every five years the company can provide you with a new one  and recycle your old one into more helmets. (Guidelines advise replacing helmets every five years due to degradation of materials and glues). Available in four seasonal colours.

Nicola Kavanagh, Director of Special Projects

The Dashel slim-fit cycling helmet can be purchased online here

Small is Beautiful, E F Schumacher

Today’s wisest thinkers tell us that we need radical change: a transformation of values to build a more equal and sustainable world. This explosion in visionary thinking is urgent and necessary, but it would be wrong to assume that all these ideas are new. Nearly half a century ago, E F Schumacher’s book Small is Beautiful issued a clarion call to humanity to change course before it was too late – to reject the senseless creed of infinite economic growth and develop a healthier relationship with the natural world. The world wasn’t ready in 1973, but with the rise of climate activism and the prospect of a Bernie Sanders presidency, might we be finally coming round to Schumacher’s philosophy?

by Jackson Caines, Film Editor




Hwyl Eau de Parfum, Aesop 

This spring, I have a new-found appreciation for earthy, woody fragrances. Inspired by Hiba trees found in Japanese forests, Aesop’s third fragrance release Hwyl beautifully blends aromas of wood and moss with subtle spices. Recreating the feeling of peace and solitude in nature, this eau de parfum simulates the olfactory senses with its use of potent botanical extracts, invoking calm with every spritz.

by Emma Hart, Assistant to the Editor in Chief

Find the Hwyl Eau de Parfum online, £90 for 50 ml


Hermès Lipsticks

I’m not normally one to feel breathless over a lipstick launch but this is something a little bit different. For the first time in it’s 183 year history, French luxury goods house Hermès has ventured into cosmetics. Five years in the making, there are 24 shades of lipstick and no detail has been overlooked. The colours are inspired by an archive of 75,000 silk swatches and 900 leather shades, available in both matt and satin and each one is refillable. The cases are made from the same lacquered, polished and brushed metals used in their handbag hardware. Add to that heady combination a canvas pouch and a small Hermès signature orange box you may well begin to experience light palpitations yourself.

by Twig Hutchinson, Design Editor

Find theHermès lipstick collection online here


Verso Super Facial Serum

This is a bottle of one of the most effective creams you will ever try. Thick in consistency but light on application, the serum has become my holy grail for a sense of repair and rejuvenation for my skin. With a high dose of Verso’s patented Retinol 8 Complex, I noticed my face was plumper after two days and after sustaining use for a couple of weeks my blemishes, pigmentation, and scars began to diminish as well. It’s not every day I find a cream that actually works, but Verso is a brand firmly rooted in science and one that I have come to rely on for the daily boost my skin needs.

by Lily Rimmer, Deputy Editor

The Verso Super Facial Serum can be purchased online here


Namib leather belt bag, Stow

This spring I’m excited to travel with my Namib leather belt bag in Montana Blue by Stow, famed for their exquisite leather travel organisers. My neat, box-shaped bag has an interior multi-storage pocket which can hold credit cards, while two large pockets create a safe haven for my mobile phone and cosmetics. It also has an exterior zipper which provides easy access to my passport when I’m at the airport. My Stow bag was bought with an adjustable neutral-coloured webbed strap that I can thread through my belt loops, wear across my body or sling over my shoulder. But I actually prefer the African-inspired strap that’s available to purchase as an alternative which adds a perfect pop of colour to my wardrobe this season.

by Amanda Bernstein, Travel Editor

Find the Stow Namib leather belt bag online here

Thames & Hudson World Art Series 

This month sees the re-launch of Thames & Hudson’s signature World of Arts series. With a fantastic new look, and some brand new titles, the collection offers 20 exciting publications that explore everything from contemporary African Art and interior design to the Bauhaus and Monet. Written by expert scholars, and beautifully illustrated, this is definitely one for your bookshelf.

by Derby Jones Glass Lifestyle Writer


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