Glass reviews Gallery Weekend Beijing 2019

AT 798 District, located in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, the third edition of Gallery Weekend Beijing gathered 27 institutions and Galleries across four of the capital’s art districts to present numerous exhibitions and shows this year.

Gallery Weekend Beijing Gallery Weekend Beijing, 2019

Non-profit institutions such as the CAFA Art Museum, Faurschou Foundation and the Song Art Museum were also incorporated, as well as various world-class VIP’s from the institutions of contemporary art attended this cultural occasion.

Gallery Weekend Beijing Gallery Weekend Beijing, 2019

This year, highly esteemed guests also included a few London based art institutions, such as Tate Modern and the Artistic Director of Serpentine Galleries. Due to its huge success this year, Beijing wants to continue promoting its artistic and creative benefits alongside other major arts centres in Asia.

Gallery Weekend Beijing Gallery Weekend Beijing, 2019

Alongside this year’s achievement, the Gallery Weekend Beijing included a number of emerging artists exhibitions, a range of VIP talk programs such as The Impact and Significance of Corporate Collections co-hosted by the contemporary art magazine Frieze, as well as a collaboration with Zurich Art Weekend. As for the Beijing Art Summit, a panel discussion emphasising on urban developments was hosted by Taikang Insurance Group’s President & CEO, Chen Dongsheng.

by Viola Li

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