Glass experiences Natura Bissé’s Bubble Pure Air luxury facial treatment

MOST women over a certain age are looking to stop the clock and retain their youth – from facelifts to blood facials, there are those desperate enough to try the most bizarre treatments in order to sample the elixir of life. But what if there’s a simpler solution?

Spanish skincare specialist Natura Bissé’s new luxury treatment, the Diamond Life Infusion Therapy facial, works by stimulating cellular energy and regeneration, resulting in a younger looking complexion. Glass was invited to experience the treatment in Birmingham’s Harvey Nichols store, in an exclusive environment.

As part of a special weekend, the unique Bubble Pure Air visited the shopping centre for three days. The giant white ball that emits 99.95 per cent of purified air was originally created for medicinal purposes because of it’s wonderful effects of the body. Treatments carried out in the bubble can rejuvenate skin, detoxify the body and even prevent signs of ageing.

Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air DomeNatura Bissé Bubble Pure Air Dome

The beauty equivalent of Narnia, Natura Bissé’s escape is like stepping into an actual spa, complete with massage table and private therapist. Once inside, the beautician analyses the skin to see which of the Natura Bissé skin care lines would be most beneficial. From a Diamond White Glowing mask to an Essential Shock Intense Complex treatment, she carefully applied a variety of soothing masks and serums to my face, each one working their magic against my dry and under moisturised skin.

Whether combating dehydration, or restoring an uneven skin tone, the products have been specifically developed to address the different needs of the skin.  From the extremely sensitive to oily, every complexion has been acknowledged during the making of the collection and the beautician is able to recommend which product is suitable for each skin type.

Natura Bissé Diamond Collection 2015Natura Bissé Diamond Collection 2015

Lying down breathing in the purified air, it’s hard not to fall asleep as she works her way around the top half of the body, massaging in the creams and promoting circulation. The experience feels like it’s taking place outside, as the bubble’s translucent shell gives the illusion of natural light. If it wasn’t for the faint background noise of shopping music, I’d have forgotten where I was.

Natura Bissé Bubble Pure Air DomeNatura Bissé Bubble Pure Air Dome

When the 60 minutes had finished I couldn’t believe how quickly the hour had gone; I was completely absorbed into the experience but also wanted to see the results. Finishing the facial with a touch of tinted moisturiser to add a subtle glow, the beauty therapist informed me that I would soon feel the benefits of the treatment.  As soon I left the bubble, I noticed that I felt more awake and had a renewed sense of energy, which I learnt is because of the high oxygen content in the Bubble Pure Air.

Harvey Nichols-Birmingham Beauty Treatment Rooms 2Harvey Nichols-Birmingham Beauty Treatment Rooms

At first I was a bit apprehensive about entering Harvey Nichols without make up on, but after the facial my skin felt a lot smoother and hydrated. I found that instead of reaching for the foundation and concealer like I normally would, I managed to spend the whole day without wearing any make up at all. My skin had noticeably brightened and my pores looked smaller, which gave me the confidence to continue shopping with a bare, naked face.

Perhaps the best part of the Diamond Life Infusion Therapy facial is the affordability; for £50 customers can experience the treatment for themselves and it’s also redeemable on product, which means the luxury facial is essentially free.  With a range of products on offer the £50 voucher means you could pick up the Diamond Absolute Damask Rose Body oil which retails at £52, for only £2.

by Emma Walsh 

If you’re interested in sampling the high quality collection, readers can call 0121 616 6000 to book a session at the Birmingham Harvey Nichols branch.

The Diamond Facial is also available at: Harrods Beauty Rooms, London; the Baglioni Hotel, London; the Mondrian Hotel, London and the Sanderson Hotel, London