Glass reviews Swedish beauty brand Björk and Berries new skincare duo and body serum

BJÖRK and Berries is another great Scandinavian beauty company that cares for the planet and all its creatures, especially us, with its life-enhancing skincare. Following a Swedish beauty philosophy and using only the highest quality natural ingredients, they are in the vanguard of the eco-luxury market.

A lot of research has clearly gone into the development of these sustainable products, their recipe for oat extract coming from an 18th Century text, for instance. At the same time, they retain modernity with sleek, compact packaging and up to the minute scientific progress.


Nourishing Cleanser, £29 for 100ml

This newly updated cleanser is part of a super duo along with the new vitamin moisturiser, that make up phase one of my morning and evening skin ritual. Of course there are plenty of possible add ons, toners and oils, serums and rescues in the Björk and Berries collection, so if my skin is very dry I like to add a few drops of Blueberry + Blue Tansy restoring face oil into the mix.

Imagine a smoothie that’s a serum, this rainforest scented light earthy gel, enriched with pink clay and oat extract, has that feel, and is just lovely on the skin.

Strong enough to remove my make up, it leaves my face bright, alive and nourished with a moist softness not previously there. To top it off the white glass bottles, with their minimalist design look great on my white ceramic sink.


Vitamin Moisturiser, £40 for 50ml

Björk and Berries vitamin moisturiser has that sublime creamy feel that comes from natural oils, its super light and packed full of nutrients, boosting your skin with its daily vitamin dose.

Added extract of beech bud, from the tree of “everlasting youth”, strengthens and supports collagen and elastin formation, the main players in anti-ageing. Just a small amount gives a dewy feel, rehydrating my thirsty skin and evoking a soothing radiance, working well for both day and evening.

A real gift for all skin types and anyone who loves the magical simplicity that comes with cleverly created plant based skin care .


Body Serum, £45 for 200ml

Applying this luscious golden, glowing serum, evoking the Swedish practice of using birch/björk leaves to cleanse and treat the body each spring, I can almost see the energy radiating out of it.

The effect is even more powerful when used as a treatment after the invigorating Björk and Berries Body Scrub, my skin absorbing this vital, intensive blend of organic oils, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 more readily.

Using it daily feels indulgent, however it pays dividends, improving my skins texture, deeply moisturising, while creating an aura of health and vibrancy with a soft aroma of leaves and flowers.

It seems essential to rub some onto my dehydrated post winter calves and feet, elbows and hands, now and again throughout the day, giving an instant replenishing effect, and a feeling of all over contentment.

by Sara Kirkwood