Glass reviews the new Ecooking capsule collection for hair

AS WE move ever-closer to the age of Aquarius, which brings to mind the 1960s counter-cultural musical Hair, with the lyrics “ long beautiful hair, streaming, flaxen, waxen, flow it, show it, long as I can grow it my hair ’’, this seems a like good time to get up to date with the latest treatments for better hair.

Well known for excellent skincare products, Danish company ECooking have just launched their first haircare range – a vegan collection for all hair types and conditions. This range works perfectly with troublesome scalps and disorderly hair like mine.

The name ECooking was inspired by the company’s honest, homemade approach, with the eco-friendly stance of using of only carefully sourced organic ingredients, plant and herbal extracts, high quality vitamins, natural proteins and peptides.

The founder, Tina Søgaard, actually began cooking up cosmetics in her kitchen, as she was searching ways to treat her own skin. The company grew, and has continued to, as others tried and felt the benefits of her products so I’m very excited that we now have access to the equivalent collection for hair and scalp.

Ecooking repair shampoo

Ecooking Repair Shampoo  (500ML) £34

Every so often I let my hair grow long and inevitably struggle to keep the condition up, especially as I can’t resist over colouring. I feel gloomy that I can no longer run my fingers through the damaged strands that now surround my face like an unkempt cloud.

Seeking a sleeker look, with dreams of a renewed head of hair and an uptick in my mood, I’m inevitably drawn to the dark curvy compostable container of Ecooking Repair shampoo, with it’s beautifully chunky text, making the fully listed ingredients super- readable, off a label partly made of sugar-cane residue.

This shampoo is not sudsy or abrasive, more of a rich conditioner like gel, giving the instant effect of a spring clean with the extra boost of multivitamins and moisturising ingredients. With its soft aroma enveloping a satisfying natural realm, it is not gender specific and pleasantly calming.

repair-shampoo-and-conditioner-ecooking-250mlEcooking Repair conditioner   (500ML)  £34

Now for the treat, squeezing out a lot of water from my hair, feeling blessed that I don’t need to towel dry ,or count minutes above 2 (or 5-10 to make it into a mask), I apply this an even richer, thicker, creamier gel that seeps into my scalp and hair with ease. I hardly know it’s there, apart from a soothing feeling of nourishment and my faith that the ingredients are doing their work, lots of seed oils and aloe, mixed in with a multitude of other health giving ingredients.

Afterwards my hair seems impossibly transported, cleansed and lighter, the colour looking fresher and brighter, with the strength and manageability regained.

I already have my bounce back and am ready to flout my replenished hair, as we move out into a warmer, more sociable season, comforted in the knowledge that its fully protected from UVA rays and pollution.



Ecooking Hair Mask (300ML) £23


This is the final stage of this hair spa-type experience, having already enjoyed the visual and experiential pleasures of the shampoo and conditioner, I return to try the the simply named, Ecooking Hair Mask. Opening the generously sized round jar, I feel like one of Goldilock’s three little bears, wondering if I can allow myself this indulgence and let my hair to shine to it’s optimum potential.

This mask does double duties, both repairing the strands, as a mask normally does and sealing the ends as per a conditioner, taming any damage, while it rehydrates, smooths and adds shine.

It has the consistency of a body butter, so no surprise that mango butter and coconut oil are key ingredients, together with B5 and natural foxtail amaranth, making a heady cocktail of enhancing and preserving elements.

After just two minutes relaxing in the clean, subtle scent of a flower garden with citrus trees, I rinse it off, finding while blow-drying that my hair has its elasticity back.

My wide-toothed brush glides through easily, there is a softness, my hair falls straighter and looks shinier and more glorious. Thanks Ecooking for giving me a good-hair day, along with the promise of more to come.

By Sara Kirkwood

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