Glass speaks to Geeta Sidhu-Robb Nosh Detox founder about raising immunity and boosting health

Building resilience – Glass speaks to Geeta Sidhu-Robb Nosh Detox founder about raising immunity and boosting health

With lockdown and social distancing set to remain for at least another month, Geeta Sidhu-Robb, founder of health food delivery service Nosh Detox, gives us her top tips for ramping up resilience and physical and mental wellbeing.

Geeta Sidhu-Robb Geeta Sidhu-Robb

There is a lot of focus on immunity right now. Do you believe in supplementing or should the emphasis be on food and diet?  

I believe you have to eat well and you have to supplement. We don’t get sufficient nutrients from our diet any more. I recommend all Xynergy products and then I just suggest people find organic vegan freeze-dried products or liquid supplements for whatever they need. There are so many brands that I don’t recommend individual ones any more.

Good immunity is first and foremost and goes hand-in-hand with good gut function. When your gut is healthy, your digestion is good and your body is working on every level, you have an incredibly good natural immunity.  This is created by many things including eating fresh, whole foods, raw vibrant greens, staying hydrated, sleeping well, creating mental calm through meditation and, finally, movement.

Breakfast recipes

Sugar weakens the immunity but currently people have the time to bake and are wanting comfort foods. What are your favourite sugar alternatives and could you share some of your favourite comfort food recipes with us?

Lol. People tend to eat comfort food when stressed but in fact it’s the perfect time to eat fresh natural produce.

I tend to use maple syrup and honey as my sweeteners as they are natural, whole food sweeteners and they help your insulin not to spike and crash. Processed sugar is really, really bad at a time like this because it makes the body acidic and the body’s natural defences start having to deal with that instead fighting disease.

I stick with dairy and gluten-free dessert/sweet foods and only small amounts. I have to admit my go to favourite is usually chocolate as I can eat a small amount and be very happy. The main thing to also remember is don’t bother eating something “healthy” if you hate the taste of it. Eat something sweet that you love but eat a smaller amount of it. Also do not eat any diet products at all as they are incredibly bad for you on every level – being full of chemicals.

Detox juice

Our emotional health also plays a huge role in creating optimum overall health. Lockdown is actually a wonderful opportunity to slow down and do things differently. What self-care practices would you recommend for mental/emotional wellbeing at this time?

Start the day with a gratitude practise, and some journaling. It’s an incredible way to start the day emotionally. Then exercise/workout. Then eat your first meal. I start with celery juice now and then my breakfast smoothie (two bananas, 1 box of blueberries, bunch coriander, 1 orange, water, 1 tsp spirulina. Yum!)

If you start every day like this it keeps you present and it gets easier and easier to slip into. Practise really does make perfect. Also since you have to spend time with yourself or your family, start to list three-ficehappy things for each and every day.  It’s a great discipline to look for the good in life.

Yoga can help with anxiety

What are your practical tips for reducing anxiety?
Healthy diet and self-care rituals are perfect antidotes. Also virtual drinks with family and friends!

Are there any home exercises that you are a big fan of?
I do resistance, then yoga, then cardio then resistance and repeat.  Just choose who you like online and rotate your exercises.

 Cabbage and coriander salad

Finally, there is a lot of evidence for the power of meditation to reduce anxiety and boost health. What are your tips for beginning a practice for someone who has never tried or thinks that they can’t meditate?
If you can’t get your brain to switch off, start with listening to nature sounds and put one hand on your tummy and one on your heart. Breathe in 5 and out 5 while listening to the sounds for three minutes, then three, then building up to 5 – 10 minutes. That is meditating. The benefits are incredible.

by Nicola Kavanagh