Glass tries out Eve and Keel’s Surrender Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend

WHO doesn’t love a pulse point essential oil roller? The combination of fun-sized, great-smelling and slightly massage-like properties (depending how hard you roll on your pulse point) makes this one of the best things you can fumble about for in your handbag.

This Eve and Keel one has all sorts of bonus points, which starts with the glorious milk glass bottles infused with suspended crystals of Amethyst and Clear Quartz. It looks like a portable lava lamp. In holistic healing circles, combining crystals with essential oils is said to boost the healing properties of both, making this a synergistically more effective thing than crystals alone or essential oil alone.

Then there are the chakras, centres of the body that focus on particular life forces. This blend, Surrender, focuses on the crown chakra, containing lavender, frankincense and neroli oils – all meant to be efficacious for balance and the releasing of anxiety, over-thinking and insomnia.

Surrender Crown Chakra Roller

Eve and Keel’s Surrender Crown Chakra

To be frank, it’s tempting to drink the stuff, but that’s clearly a bad idea. The better idea is to, as instructed on the box, to roll it across your temples and palms, and then cup your hands over your eyes. There is a suggested mantra to say while you are doing this: “My mind is open and my spirit is calm. I surrender to the universe’s infinite possibilities.”

Whether you subscribe to all these complementary medicine theories or just one of them, there is something here for you as an end of the day, calming, centring exercise that also smells pretty wonderful.

by Michele Kirsch