Glass tries SAENT Skin’s Facial Oil

ALTHOUGH winter is soon about to turn into spring, the weather doesn’t just immediately change, nor do the harsh effects of the cold on our skin just vanish. We are still stuck in that cycle of lathering on layers of every product day and night to ensure we can keep our exterior healthy, happy and somewhat glowy.

Presented with the challenge of providing our skin with a dose of everything it needs in one bottle, skincare specialist and facialist Frederika van Hagen has formulated her own answer to faultless skin health – Saent Facial Oil (£65).

SAENT Facial Oil Review

Based between London and Ibiza, the beauty therapist was inspired by her second home’s blossoming surroundings, understanding the power of oils when extracted from the plants across this Balearic island and how they could impact the skin.

Created as an omega-complex oil, the rich, orange liquid is made from nine botanicals and ceramides, including calendula, argan, pickly pear and rosehip, all found in Ibiza and blended in a family-run factory in Yorkshire. The result is a potent dose of vitamins A, C, E and K that penetrate the skin with a reaffirming dose of moisturise, helps to kickstart the creation of collagen. and pushes cells to renew themselves.

SAENT Facial Oil Review

So, enthused by the prospect of trying something that could eliminate the clutter of using various serums for one do-it-all bottle, I jumped at the chance to try the Saent Facial Oil. The orange liquid is very lightweight and thankfully does not have that greasy feeling many are guilty of – it instead soaks in quickly into the skin to give you an immediate healthy look. After a week, my skin was thanking me with a constant glow, was baby-soft to touch, and repairing any cellular damage London’s harsh air was causing me.

It’s rare that a face oil leaves you with that sensation that facials do – and the best part is that its bottled up for you to indulge in as many times as you like. Though in the winter this is sure to become a holy grail item, I can only predict that this summer you would call it liquid gold.

by Imogen Clark 

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