Glass uncovers the secrets of the Maltese Islands 

MALTA HAS always been my happy place, a sanctuary where I seek peace of mind. Back in 2021, I spent three months in a farmhouse in Gozo, and ever since, a piece of the island has remained with me.

Now, I find myself in Malta for an entirely different reason. To immerse myself in its abundance. The island has changed as well. It’s buzzing. It’s hot. It’s also February.

Malta, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, is a true gem of the Mediterranean. As I embark on this journey, excitement and anticipation fill my heart for the adventures that lie ahead.

Landscape of Malta

Tonight, we dine at OKA, a luxurious restaurant promising to tantalise my taste buds. The evening unfolds in a symphony of flavours and elegance, setting the perfect tone for the days to come.

The next morning, I set off to Gozo once again. It won’t be quite the same as my three-month stay, but it’s surreal to return to a place so dear to my heart. Today’s adventure includes exploring the megalithic temples. Malta is steeped in history and mythology, making me wonder if, at some point in the past, it truly was the most magnetic place on earth. Supposedly so, according to the ancient texts displayed at Ġgantija Archaeological Park.

After a delectable lunch at Peppina, I head to Dwejra Bay. It’s blisteringly hot, and the sea temperature is over 18 degrees. Have I mentioned that it’s February? This certainly calls for a dip in the sea. It’s never too early for a swim.

View from boat off the coast of Malta

As the day draws to a close, I board the Gozo Channel ferry, crossing the azure waters back to Malta. The evening is a tapestry of sights and sounds, culminating in a sumptuous dinner at AYU – The Travellers Kitchen.

The following day is a whirlwind of exploration. From the historic Villa Frere to the ornate Casa Rocca Piccola, and the magnificent St. John’s Co-Cathedral, home to Caravaggio’s iconic painting, The Beheading of St John The Baptist.

Path in Malta

I savour a leisurely lunch at MUŻA Restaurant before embarking on a journey through Vittoriosa (Birgu), where history comes alive in the cobbled streets and ancient fortifications.

As my time in Malta draws to a close, I bid farewell to this enchanting island with a heavy heart. From the ancient wonders of Mdina to the megalithic temples, Malta has once again left an indelible mark.

by Adina Ilie

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