Gucci launch new renewable Dive watch collection

EXPERIMENTING with new bio-based materials, Gucci has released the exciting – and colourful – new Dive collection, merging sportswear with high fashion in a playfully bold new line.

It was made more clear than ever the past week, with an extreme prolonged heatwave in the UK, that the move toward eco-friendly materials was no longer a niche choice for fashion design houses, but rather a mandatory expectation to try and reverse our rapidly changing climate. Championing a reduced carbon footprint, Gucci have begun experimenting with different, renewable materials to create their pieces.

Gucci Dive WatchThe Gucci Dive Collection

The new Dive watches are an excellent example, made from bio-based materials, plant-based plastics and recycled steel (46% of the bracelet and 65% of the case are made from bio-based material). The watches, coming in an aqua blue, moss green, white and transparent are furthermore created with the sport-savvy firmly in mind, with each model waterproof up to 200 metres. 

by Ben Sanderson

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