Guerlain partners with Lucie Touré for a limited-edition Muguet perfume

FOR THE past 110 years, the House of Guerlain have marked the arrival of spring with a celebratory limited-edition perfume. Muguet is a yearly rendezvous of the best French creators who come together to give their artistic version of a flower’s fragrance that can only be picked during the month of May.

This year, Guerlain have chosen to collaborate with Parisian textile and paper designer Lucie Touré to reimagine and rebirth their iconic Bee Bottle.

Guerlain Bee Bottle

Guerlain’s Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is said to be a symbol of rebirth, the returning of happiness, with legend even stating that if the white bell head begins to droop, reminiscent of someone crying, that it is because they grew from the tears of Eve when she was expelled from the Garden of Eden.

Lucie Touré was the creative chosen by the perfume house to help breath a fresh perspective into Guerlain’s creations. Winner of the 2019 Eiffel Tower Design Prize, the designer describes her approach, “To reinterpret Muguet, I created a delicate adornment in a fresh, Haute Couture spirit” – this ties into her own career as she trained for six years in an embroidery and textile studio, where she worked alongside Haute Couture and other fashion houses.

Her bottle, handmade in Paris, is created with delicate sprigs of the flower, made from precious paper, in full blossom adorning the dome of the Bee Bottle. There are only 4,500 bottle of this beautiful scent, with each 125ml bottle coming with a 30ml travel spray inspired by the Bee Bottle so you can take the smell of Spring everywhere with you.

by Imogen Clark