Home is where the art is

Our home is where we feel secure, raise our families, and spend most of our time – and now you can get yours made into an original work of art by British artist Boo Paterson.

Poor hires-2     “Poor”, Boo Paterson

Paterson has won praise on both sides of the Atlantic for her beautifully innovative and inspiring paperworks which include models of Rennie Mackintosh’s Glasgow School of Art to the tenements of New York.

Love Circle rat 1 “Love Circle”, Boo Paterson

The artist usually works on grand structures, such as concert halls and museums, but now she’s inviting the public to commission paper-cuts or paper sculptures of their own homes, or favourite buildings – perhaps as a gift for a loved one with a strong connection to a particular place, or for friends living abroad.

GSA paper cut     “Little White Rose”, Boo Paterson

by Xenia Founta

Images courtesy of Boo York City