LC:M SS15: James Long

A primary-colour storm tore through James Long’s menswear this season, though a sporty splice of the tropics steadied the stormy semblance before a boisterous boxing motif ramped up the high-energy. It was boxing wraps that became a long-running leitmotif, and aesthetically, it worked, as eye-of-the-tiger echoed through navy mesh kaftans, victory ribbon embellishments, and hoods, for an all-around look described as both “competitive and relaxed”.

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Following this, there was the usual, and now somewhat conventional, abstract alliance with sportswear, and from then on out bold colours took on new textures, from the “bubble knit” quilting and for-good-measure triple-washed patchwork jean, to leathery lengths of among other material stock, if you care for it, aluminium leather. In what was generally a strong collection, everything spoke for itself just about enough, but innovative techniques to the tee or not, it could have benefited from being a little more disarming in its approach.

by Liam Feltham

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