LFW SS24: Harris Reed

BRITISH and American designer Harris Reed unveiled the brand’s SS24 collection titled Duet during London Fashion Week.

Reed has a strong sense of identity which distinguishes them in the industry. Their concept of fighting for beauty in fluidity is prevalent in their collections and aims at prompting conversation.

Fashion has the capacity to revolutionise society into a place that is more expressive and accepting for all and Reed’s designs assess the responsibility fashion has in initiating conversations about the injustices encountered every day.

Harris Reed sums up its ethos as Romanticism Gone Nonbinary, a concept that prevails through their latest collection — the romantic silhouettes paired with the poignant message of feminity which seeps through the collection is very on-brand for the label.

The garments this season are picturesque with their thematic nature of the black-and-white Old Hollywood dream, an ode to all things glamour and feminine.

Strong outlines of black contour the silhouettes, mirroring the black-and-white childhood drawings of Reed, as they are brought to life, the garments tread a fine line between fantasy and reality.

The fantastical element prominent in the collection is explored through the skirt hems swooping nature as it suspends into a frozen frame mid-movement or the vase-like sculptural details of an accompanying skirt and the corsets which extend outwards and almost wing-like from the body.

The theme of duality has been conspicuous throughout the brand’s development, blending feminity with masculinity and the various components that constitute our being. The garments in this collection are structured and rigid, an element associated with the masculine.

These factors were implemented to create sculptural pieces that appear contradictorily feminine and fluid in nature with their curvaceousness and flowing silhouettes.

Reed was inspired by the artistry of vintage corsets using their structures to manipulate proportions in creating a waist that is drastically cinched against the theatrical hips, shoulders and skirt that accompany them.

The restraint of corsetry makes for a wonderful juxtaposition when paired with the lavishness and fluidity of the fabric used and the richness of the black velvet that fabricates the garments is distinctive against its brilliant white satin.

The overall collection appears mostly in black and white with the only exception of colour showing itself through its metallic accents of silver and pearl Missoma breast cups and champagne-hued gold bugle beading.

Although Duet communicates the notions of the masculine and feminine, it also stands as a performance of a duet. Pertinent to the label, the collection appears as a performance on the Runway stage and is chaperoned by vocals from the outstanding Cosima.

The collection does not only comprise fine craftsmanship and significant themes but also indicates the beauty in collaboration in their partnering with jewellery brand Missoma and milliner Vivienne Lake.

by Nicole Pereira

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