LFWM SS20: Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

LOVERBOY’S SS20 show, Mind’s Instructions, erupts in the face of increased societal confusion. In a similar way that a diamond is formed under extreme pressure, Loverboy’s pieces are physical responses to the pressure of the modern world. Set in the heart of the British Library, a site of education and learning, designer Charles Jeffrey creates a collection that urges us to think about social rebellion and consciousness.

Mind’s Instructions showcase the label’s inherent modern punk nature through geometrical patterns and harsh cutting-techniques which are highlighted by neon shades of pinks and blues. In a show that was part poetry happening, starting as it did with Jeffrey walking down the catwalk reading from Dylan Thomas’ poem In The Beginning and to the accompaniment of a soundtrack featuring samples of Bowie, Suicide, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, The Clash and The Ramones (among others), pieces are consistently juxtaposed against one another – silky dresses and military-inspired jackets contradict and disarm our expectations. Materials are ripped, torn and then sewn together to create a deconstructed collage-esque series of genderless dresses and skirts.

Though many of the looks are a direct response to the shortcomings of our society, the collection offers a point of redemption through the surprising serenity created through subtle tailoring, a captivating colour palette and several silk dresses.

In the duplicity of his collection, Jeffery seems to be asking us, how do we make sense out of this confusion of modern living? the answer is hinted at through the collection’s exploration of human weakness but as well, through the consideration of human strength as we become increasingly conscious of our own social potential.

by Mirabella Shahidullah

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