London Fashion Week launches Sounds Of

AHEAD of London Fashion Week this June changing from physical to digital shows and presentations due to Covid-19, the organisation are launching Sounds Of; a podcast series and curated playlists. The podcasts will feature an array of conversations between some of the biggest names in fashion, art and culture.

The first episode has Dylan Jones, BFC Menswear Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of British GQ speaking to rapper and BFC Ambassador Tinie Tempah about the relationship between fashion and music.

TinieTinie Tempah for Glass Magazine Autumn Issue 2018. Photograph: Adam Slama


For those who prefer music to podcasts, a collection of playlists exploring the sounds in different designers’ worlds can be enjoyed as London Fashion Week comes to you – you can listen to the world of Mimi Wade, Bianca Saunders and Robyn Lynch.

Listen to the first podcast here

Listen to the playlists here

by Imogen Clark