Louis Vuitton launches Tambour Horizon LV Neon Watches

FRENCH luxury house Louis Vuitton has unveiled new watch faces for their Tambour Horizon, inspired by the colourful windows of this season, the kaleidoscopic patterns and outlines pop with colour as if they are glowing in the dark. The four new neon editions create a sense of modern playfulness, while the monogrammed flower and LV initials show the classic details of the watch face.

The LV Neon watch face is a new edition in the
Tambour Horizon collection

The LV Neon Tambour Horizon was inspired by the
season’s colourful windows

Launched a little over two years ago, the connected Tambour Horizon watch allows users to experience the convenience of a smartwatch alongside the luxury of the renowned brand. The Tambour Horizon however, unlike other smart watches, is marked by details that can only be exclusive to Louis Vuitton.

The LV Neon face features the Maison’s initials in neon typeface

The digital aspect behind the watch face allows users to
experience a series of neon animations

The watch features customisable faces with references to the Maison’s classic style, such as canvas, stripes, Monogram or Damier Patterns. Applications like the LV’s City Guide display digital versions of the label’s print publication where the maps and destinations all curated by the brand in collaboration with a series of journalists, artists and travellers.

by Mirabella Shahidullah

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