Louis Vuitton (RED) release candle to support the fight against AIDS

TAKING up arms in the fight to end AIDS, Louis Vuitton has announced their collaboration with (RED) to make a special edition candle, with $60 for each candle sold being donated directly to The Global Fund to fight AIDS.

(RED) is a non-profit organisation that partners with brands to create products and experiences that help fund the fight to end AIDS. First founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver, the organisation is continuing its good work with their latest Louis Vuitton collaboration. COO of (RED) commented that “thanks to Louis Vuitton, every candle sold will raise enough to provide 300 days of lifesaving medication to someone living with the HIV/AIDS”.

Louis Vuitton and (RED) present the Louis Vuitton I (RED) candle in support of the fight to end AIDS

The Louis Vuitton (RED) candle, showcasing its portable design

Master Perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud selected the finest-quality natural ingredients to develop the candle’s fragrance, designed to evoke the universal emotions of love, freedom, warmth and purity. By blending a peony’s sweet, peppery, and floral notes with the fruity vibrancy of raspberries, the burning candle comes alive with optimism.

Visually, Marc Newson’s creativity and craftsmanship sees the Louis Vuitton (RED) candle transformed into a design object. The white ceramic container is hand-cast and the natural leather handle is hand-sewn in signature Louis Vuitton style. The wax contrasts with the matte red wick, lid, and packaging – the colour acting as a visual reminder of the candle’s association with (RED) and the fight against AIDS.

Louis Vuitton and (RED) present the Louis Vuitton I (RED) candle in support of the fight to end AIDS

The Louis Vuitton (RED) candle with a white ceramic base, red lid and handle

“(RED)’s very courageous fight concerns us all, and we at Louis Vuitton will continue to champion their values and dedicated work…we are pleased that our candle will help in furthering the fight against AIDS”, stated Michael Burke, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton.

Candles have long been a symbol of hope – the Louis Vuitton (RED) candle will continue this tradition.

by Alicia Pountney

The Louis Vuitton (RED) Perfumed Candle is available in Louis Vuitton stores now, retailing at £160