Maddox Gallery presents Changing Lanes exhibition by photographer David Yarrow

CONSIDERED one of the world’s most collectable contemporary artists, London’s Maddox Gallery is showcasing one of the biggest solo exhibition’s of Scottish photographer David Yarrow. Bringing together past and present work, the pictures are on the one hand an anthology to America’s wild west, and on the other a nod to classic Hollywood cinematography.

Maddox Gallery - Changing Lanes, by David YarrowMaddox Gallery – Changing Lanes by David Yarrow

Referencing cult favourites such as American Beauty and Thelma and Louise, and using icons such as Cindy Crawford and Cara Delevingne to aid in the storytelling, the exhibition entitled Changing Lanes marks a shift in his career from wildlife to visual narration.

Though, not forgetting nature in any of his shots, most featured images are punctuated with animals helping to transcend genres in order to captivate both the cinematic drama with the beauty of the creatures.

Indecent Proposal, by David Yarrow - 2020 - Courtesy of Maddox GalleryIndecent Proposal by David Yarrow (2020) . Courtesy of Maddox Gallery

The Final Frontier, by David Yarrow - 2020 - Courtesy of Maddox GalleryThe Final Frontier by David Yarrow (2020). Courtesy of Maddox Gallery

“I have always fought for my work with wildlife to offer a little more, but in many ways my latest images have been even more of a challenge because the stakes are much higher,” comments Yarrow. “There are so many moving parts, multiple characters and so many talented people not to let down; it’s a style of photography that I’ve found to be so exciting”.

A standout piece of the exhibition, that will stop you right in your tracks and hold your gaze for a few minutes is the photograph titled Catwalk. Captured in South Africa only a few weeks prior to the opening of the show at wildlife conservationist Kevin Richardson’s lion sanctuary, the image is centred with an adult male lion named Vayeste and surrounded by Zulu tribespeople in the background. The profits of the sale of this masterpiece will go directly to the Kevin Richardson Foundation to support and protect Africa’s lion population.

Catwalk, by David Yarrow - 2021 - Courtesy of Maddox GalleryCatwalk by David Yarrow (2021). Courtesy of Maddox Gallery

“In building the story, my instincts were to play on the vibe of a Paris Catwalk – after all, we had access not just to any cat to strut down our catwalk, but the King of Africa,” explains Yarrow when questioned on the story behind the image.

“I have been to enough fashion shows in my life to know that it’s a theatre and the attendees tend to be united in their passion and behaviour. There may be more cultural refinement in the Paris fashion shows than at a club football match, but both theatres attract collective tribes”.

This is an exhibition created to make you dream. Curated to take you on a visual journey as you trespass territories and come face-to-face with beasts. It is one not to miss.

by Imogen Clark 

The Changing Lines exhibition by photographer David Yarrow is on until January 5 at Maddox Gallery, Westbourne Grove, W2 5RU