Maison Chaumet unveils Les Ciels de Chaumet

THERE IS nothing quite as entrancing as the sun. It is visually evolving at a continuous rate and presents a diverse rainbow of fiery colors from early sunrise to the dusk of sunset. It is this magical allure that inspired Maison Chaumet to create Les Ciels De Chaumet, or the Flying Tourbillon timepieces, in tribute of the unique centre of our solar system.

Les Ciels De Chaumet, Maison Chaumet

The three watches are an integral part of the high jewellery collection, which was debuted at Paris couture week. Two of the pieces represent the Soleil de Feu and are embellished with warm colors whereas the Soleil de Minuit epitomizes a paler sun setting in the west in blue and boreal green tones. The intricate enameled dials with a hand-engraved finish were expertly crafted by artist Anita Porchet. With the spinels, garnets, sapphires, rubies as well as features such as the orbital movement created by Hublot, these timepieces effectively achieve the goal of echoing the natural beauty of a sunrise followed by an awe-inspiring sunset.

by Maria Noyen