Mark Collin, founder of the Hero’s Academy, on the life-changing power of new hit therapy, PSYCH-K

SELF-development is now recognised as a normal, and even essential, investment in one’s life. In 2019 the self-improvement industry was valued at $38.28 billion globally. More of us are realising that we have so much untapped potential and through an ever-growing array of therapies it is possible to remove the blocks that hold us back.

Renowned biologist Bruce Lipton, the founding father of the theory of epigenetics, discovered that our limiting beliefs don’t just hold us back in life, they also contribute to ill health. He maintains that 99% of illness is caused by our beliefs. He hails PSYCH-K (psychological kinesiology) as one of the most effective and quickest ways to change our beliefs, and thus our genetic expression. Glass decided to try this groundbreaking therapy and were astounded by the results.

Mark Collin PSYCH KMark Collin

What was the driving force behind setting up the Hero’s Academy?
The Academy has been set up to help people get on their Hero’s Journey. It’s the calling we see in all of our greatest stories, from Buddha to even Neo in the matrix. For some people it will mean losing weight, for some it will be getting over abuse they’ve experienced, and for some people it’s launching a huge new brand. To me what’s most important is finding out that ‘why’, the fire that resides within everyone.

What is PSYCH-K?
Psych-K focuses on changing up our fundamental subconscious programming (our beliefs about ourselves and life) and therefore the results we’re creating in the world. In our first seven years of life, we’re porous to the ideas of everyone around us and once those ideas are embedded, we recreate them as our reality over and over again.

When we start to change what we believe we’re capable of and what life means to us then everything starts to change immeasurably, because the subconscious mind has huge influence over the types of results that we’re able to attain.

Ten years ago life coaches were just for the rich and famous but it has become mainstream now. Why do you think people are opening up to the idea of personal development and are now prepared to invest in their growth?
People are starting to realise that by changing how they think and what they believe, then what they create in the world will appear very different for them. They realise that levels of success and happiness that seemed reserved for the chosen few are actually universally accessible and totally within our control.

How do you help somebody realise their calling in life?
One of the greatest things I’ve heard in this area is the idea that “our purpose is inherently linked to service”. While increasing our levels of abundance, success and love in the world is fantastic, the key to feeling truly fulfilled is through serving others.

There is an emptiness we see in people who ‘make it’ but have only strived for themselves.

Mark Collin

A lot of people struggle to figure out what they want to do with their life. If someone can’t afford a life coach, what are some things they could do on their own to gain more clarity on choosing an optimal path?
I would suggest looking at what excites you, what are you truly passionate about? A great way is to look into the lives of inspiring people in areas that you love and make you feel most expansive, look at the journey they’ve been on.

This is your life; you can do anything you want with it. We get into set patterns and rhythms that we think keep us trapped, but that’s mostly in our thinking.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
There was a quote I heard from Wayne Dyer that was simply “You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.” That was that bombshell moment for me. It’s that recognition that how you see yourself and what you believe yourself to be will have huge governance over the life you create. It’s the frequency of self-ownership!

And if there is one piece of advice that you find everyone needs to hear, what is it?
I think there is a magic key to life and it’s the backbone to all success and that is: Self-acceptance.

The most fundamental relationship you have within life is with yourself. If you can start loving and accepting who you are as a person, then everything starts to change and that is the foundation of The Hero’s Journey.

by Nicola Kavanagh

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