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Pop goes the champagne bottle as we sink into our seats surrendering to a relaxing hand and arm massage from Rituals. No, we’re not at a spa, nor are we at a country retreat. We were in fact in the midst of beautiful shoes, accessories and more beautiful shoes – in other words, at Mascotte’s store preview held on Friday night. As we mentioned earlier in the week, international shoes and accessories retailer Mascotte opens the doors of its first UK store this weekend at Westfield London, and we can most certainly confirm that there are toe-tantalising shoes for all.

So, what can you expect? For ladies, their summer menu reminds us of the creations of confectioner’s delights – shoes the colour of pistachio ice-cream, clutches with splashes of berry syrup and neon fruit-drop sandals all looked a treat. Futuristic details also caught our eye – a curiously-shaped heel, a multi-layer sole and ornamental wedge embroidery widened our eyes. For gentlemen, a paper-touch theme is evident – an unusual material with a noble sheen that imitates the texture of pressed paper, while deliberately high rubber soles divert the attention from the decorative upper, giving smarter shoes a casual air – all in the most sumptuous of materials.

The store can be found on the first floor of Westfield London

by Roxy Mirshahi

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