MFW AW14: Dsquared2

Today, Dean and Dan Caten committed their fatale females to an asylum, á la Girl, Interrupted on steroids – exceedingly glamorous, gleefully glittering, fashion steroids, that is. Currently going through a chic 60s Valley of the Dolls phase, after a swinging menswear presentation along the same lines last month, the electric design duo dictated a frenzied sense of delirium with fantasy threads, running a gamut that blended fantasy and couture.

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Somewhat detached from reality, Sondheim’s I’m Still Here would capture it perfectly, regarding the showgirl-ish depiction of one time debs, now beehive-burdened grande dames recalling their glory days, escorted by towering Dsquared nurses clad in 1960s space-age regalia, for just a slight disturbing hint. Each and every genre that was popularised during the youth-quake generation was accredited, from A-line hippie tailoring; to some Mary Quant mini’s spliced generously into the collection, signifying a lush new display of leggy skin.

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Colour play was on point, specifically; the psychedelic sliced mink coats, electric blue and slinky sweet, cherry oxblood snakeskin numbers. Capping the collection off with some cropped leopard print swing-coat liaisons, and a few creamy camisoles, the Caten’s catered for their demographic this season, emerging victorious, stating that this is a fashion show, full stop. They pushed the boundaries of Dsquared2 as well, beyond the intense, sporty mould, affecting a classic, euro-trashy RTW look, for they know that fashioning this timeless look is wise choice, fundamentally, after all is said and done, they have presented stylish longevity.

by Liam Feltham

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