MFW AW20: Bottega Veneta

CELEBRATING sublime evolution, Daniel Lee opted for vitality with a relaxed edge for Bottega Veneta’s AW20 collection, channelling a “counterbalance of something comfortable but strict”.

A cultivated audience flooded the front row seats, opposing a heavy focus on pop stars and influencers. The celebrity guest list was meticulously contemplated by Lee, curated to shed light on those that best reflect the erudite, polished image of the luxury fashion brand.

“We wanted to think about how fashion could transport you to a different place, so that’s why you arrived at something very anonymous and bland that transformed into something beautiful,” Lee explained. The tone of the ambiance was serene yet dynamic, with a lingering echo of artistic simplicity, as lemon trees and classical statues were projected against the walls amid the sweet melodies of a live chello and violin duo.

Amplified fringing was intrinsic to the shaping of the collection, with opening looks presenting cascades of fringed fabric streaming from bags, coats and ankle-skimming dresses, gradually growing in length and eccentricity for the duration of the show. The heavy focus on knitwear highlighted luxurious comfort and warmth, combining sophistication and elegance with innovative streetwear.

Rich palettes emphasised a sweet burst of sensation, punctuating dark silhouettes with hues of rosy pink, scarlet red and lime green.

Perhaps his best show yet, Lee confidently showcased Bottega Veneta’s rich heritage in light of exquisite beauty and luxury. The creative director continues to push the boundaries of the Italian label, imbuing a new perspective and modernity to reinvigorate its identity while staying true to its essence.

by Cara Jenkins