Nature is essential in plastic surgery

The Dominican plastic surgeon Yily De Los Santos is considered a surgical scalpel artist, a body sculptor passionate about exalting the human being. She recognizes a vital part of her physical changes: the patient’s identity 

Plastic surgeon Yily De Los Santos welcomes us at her clinic in Santo Domingo, Yily Plástica, in a short break from her operations. 

More than 12 years of experience support her career, and her agenda is complete with patients who want to live the ‘SHOT’ experience of transformation

Yily De Los Santos conveys passion for her profession, reserving time for her family and philanthropy.

Why did you decide to pursue the profession of a plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgery is returning to a person the physiological part lost when time passes. 

It is a process of return to normality for the body after physiological changes due to pregnancy; pathophysiological changes, such as cancer; and age-related aesthetic changes.

Yily De Los Santos’s interest in a person’s change is total. When did you decide to be a plastic surgeon?

I have desired to dedicate myself to plastic surgery since the medical internship. 

What services does Yily Plástica offer? Are any of them different from other clinics?

I am a plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive surgeon specializing more in liposuction and tummy tuck

It doesn’t offer a different service, but I focus more on people and their natures. 

I am frank, speak very clearly with my patients, and do not sell dreams. I don’t promise results I can’t deliver. 

What do you mean by the focus on people? What do you explain before they undergo plastic surgery?

As a plastic surgeon, I must describe the entire procedure the patients will undergo. The intent is to get them into the O.R. without a doubt. 

But in addition, I explain to them that I operate like an artist, passionate about exalting the individual, so I cannot offer them something they do not express as a person. 

Then, do you give the same importance to the aesthetic and physical as to the uniqueness of the person?

Nature is what matters most in plastic surgery. If you are an introvert, with plastic surgery, I will not make you an extrovert. 

I go intense with the essence of people. 

What is your patients’ main concern or request?

In my clinic, 80% to 90% of patients have unrealistic beauty standards. My role is to help them reveal and understand the human body’s reality. 

They are people who regularly do not take care of themselves, do not have a proper diet, or do not exercise. 

They believe that in two or three hours of surgery, they will compensate for the bad habits of a lifetime. 

How do you lead them back to becoming aware of reality?

As I said before, I focus a lot on the emotional aspect and on the understanding that it is a serious surgical procedure. 

They must also do their part and change their routines. 

What is the main target of your procedures? 

Ninety-five percent are women. As for origin, the vast majority comes from the United States and Europe. 

Plastic surgery also has a postoperative process. How do you manage it with foreign patients?

Our patients generally leave fourteen days after they exit the operation room. 

Then I follow up with them for the next three months. 

We guarantee that they return in perfect shape and with the most information. 

How many people are part of Dr. Yily De Los Santos’s team?

A vast and professional team surrounds me. There are plastic surgeons, assistants, nurses, coordinators, office assistants, and administrators. 

And you, who work a lot on the emotional aspect, do you have professionals from the psychological field in your team? 

If needed, we contact them. After my evaluation, when I see that the patient does not comprehend or has a noteworthy psychological past, we ask for help from psychologists and psychiatrists.

What are Dr. Yily De Los Santos’s values? 

We are artists passionate about our masterpieces enhancing the beauty of their being, silhouette, and harmony

My values are seven: faith, gratitude, integrity, security, quality, growth, and confidentiality. 

The SHOT philosophy sums up my entire culture. 

What is SHOT? 

SHOT stands for Security, Honesty, Opportunity, and Transformation. I let them be assured that I will convey honestly and give them an opportunity for a remarkable transformation. 

What do you like most about your day-to-day life as a plastic surgery professional?

See immediate and timely changes in the postoperative period. 

In addition to your time in the clinic, do you perform other activities related to your profession, such as training, talks, philanthropy, etc.?

Right now, I’m creating a foundation, the Medicci Surgical Foundation. 

In addition, I carry out non-public aid, and I am also completing a clinical project. 

And does Dr. Yily De Los Santos have free time?

Of course, I am a mother, wife, daughter, and aunt. 

I go to the gym daily and accompany my daughter to play tennis. 

I belong to a community in a Church where I also participate in teaching.

I am an integral, ordinary, classical woman with fundamental social canons.     

So you share your reputable professional career. What professional dream remains to fulfill Yily De Los Santos?

See delighted patients. Today I have a 99% satisfaction rate, and we work every day to try to change the mindset of the remaining 1%. 

I feel comfortable in this life. What I now have to do is transcend to future generations. Yet, I do not see this as a dream but a daily challenge.