NYFW AW15: Joseph Altuzarra

For Joseph Altuzarra AW means lavishing layers upon the female form and not just your run-of-the-mill layers, from the tailoring down to the trim and even the tasseled handbags, these are seriously luxe CDFA award-winning layers. Starting with virginal white lace at the base, Altuzarra dominated this with masculine Prince of Wales check over the top in woody tones in a variety of fairly graphic ensembles.





Then seguing into pastel tones for some delightful and dainty day suits trimmed with mounds of fox collars and in some instance full oversized coats of the same polarising pelt, this was a collection that kept on giving and giving to those who consumers who like to take.

Intricately decorated knee high boots were a perfect match for Altuzarra’s debut handbag line which was on show for one of the first times this weekend. This addition to his wares will make a statement new collectors piece for his ritzy clientele and accompanied this season as it flowed into a concoction of halter-necks and leather gilets paired with frock’y skirts rather well.





The rest of the dresses on offer exuded Big Apple sex appeal and capped off the collection in comfortable body-hugging silhouettes. This kind of design dexterity still going strong places Altuzarra even further within the realm of the city’s most notable young designers who know a woman like no-one else, keeping the capital on top form.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Style.com